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You Know You Will Love an Order Picking Cart With Portable Power if...

Newcastle picking cart

To improve warehouse operations and productivity, open your mind to new technology such as a picking cart with portable power. After you have reviewed your order picking process and ready to consider equipment but only if it proves to offer a quick ROI.  If you are still unsure, read case studies here.to learn how others have benefited.

Stock picking carts are an essential part of factory and warehouse operations. Order picking is the most labor intensive and error prone process in the warehouse. Newcastle Systems offers a NEW solution that is ideal for single line items, batch order picking, manual and RF picking as well as “Pick & Pack”.

Once you understand how adding the latest technology from Newcastle Systems includes portable power, you begin to think quickly about the possibilities.It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the advantages of eliminating wasted steps with a power supply integrated with a mobile stock picking cart station

A NEW order picking cart with portable power will be just the thing for you...

If you have a large number of items with low movement per item or a full case and piece picks with low system support to split out orders.

If small travel paths are critical because people are pushing. 

If you have forward picking access.

If you use flow racks.

If you also need the picking cart for replenishment from the other side of shelf.

If you do not have much automation on the work site.

If your volume picks are lower, 80-200 items per hour.

If you pick lighter items: 40 lbs or less.

If you need flat shelf option for cases.

If you need a computer screen, less checking needed, real time data or labeling.

If you scan the order container bar code, scan the pick location or SKU and enter quantity picked or scan each unit for higher accuracy vs paper.

If you often need customization based on the case size.

If you want to minimize touches with no packing required as a secondary step with quality assurance.

If you require accuracy: Such as when a put-to-light operator is directed to put item into a tote or box which might be integrated into a WMS.

If you pick to shipper or totes with discrete picks and/or cluster picks. (Where you need sorting on cart)

If your process includes: Pick and pack and label.

Consider the scenarios above as you look at the new order picking cart with portable power. If you see the benefit, take a look at our latest workstation designed of order picking and pick-and-pack.


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