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How to Get Rid of Shipping Delays Once and For All

This week we are sharing a guest blog by Chris Crane of Excelsior Integrated.

Improving your product delivery can have a substantial impact on your customer satisfaction and overall success. If you want to grow your business, then you will want to evaluate your shipping methods, among many other aspects that can delay your products getting to your customer's front door.

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Manufacturing Myths vs. Real Data

Manufacturing is a broad term that is thrown around loosely in the news and in the public domain. 

We've heard for decades about the "decline of manufacturing", but depending on how you measure it, it's not always clear there has been a decline. Frequently a decline of jobs in manufacturing is reported as implying a decline in production, but it is often a result of higher productivity that comes from more automation, improved supply chain logistics and systems. This itself can lead to a decline in employment. 

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The Revenue of the US's Biggest Brands

Last month,  offered five business predictions for 2016 in Forbes. Since he begins with "this coming year may be the most challenging since 2008 to 2010", this sets off warning bells in the minds of many. Michael Evans prediction begins with "2016 holds a lot of challenges for business growth and expansion, and smart CEOs and investors should position themselves for a highly volatile year".: Does this language cause you to pause?

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The History of Material Handling Conveyors Since 1795 - Infographic

Conveyor systems have been an integral part of material handling for over 100 years, and their origins can be traced back even further than that. Transport of bulk materials by conveyor belts dates back to around 1795, although the vast majority of these early iterations were used to move grains over very short distances.

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Manufacturing Workforce Infographic: Making it in America

U.S. manufacturers are the most productive in the world. They come from many different sectors and make the products that enrich our daily lives. The infographic below highlights current data and predicts future trends. The trends offer opportunities for those ready to think differently.

Topics: Manufacturing Infographic

Lean Manufacturing Consultants, The Real Story [infographic]

Can Lean Consultants be a valuable asset to a Company?  We use an infographic to get a big picture look at the many aspects of lean to consider whether a lean consultant is beneficial to you business:

Topics: Infographic Lean Manufacturing

2014 Warehousing and DC Operations Statistics [Infographic]

– Trend Shows Business is Growing (and Complicated)

About Warehousing and Storage:

At the center of our economy is the storage and distribution of goods and services which is part of the transportation and warehousing sector.

Industries in the Warehousing and Storage subsector are primarily engaged in operating warehousing and storage facilities for general merchandise, refrigerated goods, and other warehouse products.

The industry is fragmented: The 50 largest US companies generate about 40 percent of revenue.

Major services include general warehousing (about 70 percent of industry revenue) and refrigerated warehousing (15 percent).

Topics: Warehouse Management Infographic Statistics

6 Businesses that Leaped Forward to More Profit with Portable Power

Technology advances have given businesses across all industries the benefit of mobility.  Laptops, smartphones, tablets and other mobile computing devices now make it possible for any workforce to operate business while on the go.  

An integral part of mobile computer workstations are portable power systems which provide facilities with compact to heavy-duty mobile solutions.  They provide a short-cut for increasing productivity and cost savings across various industries: from assembly lines to healthcare facilities.

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Turn 6 Minutes into $5,000 and Make Employees Happy [infographic]

Business with warehousing, shipping, inventory control systems and facilities have heard of Lean Manufacturing systems, 5S Methodology and the 7 types of wastes. 5S is a way of thinking and philosophy focused on creating a well-managed and organized workspace by eliminating wastes – one of which is motion.

Topics: Infographic Lean Manufacturing