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Five Warehouse Trends We See Coming in 2020

With the holidays now a month behind us, the big of pile returns finally processed, the financial books closed for 2019, and your planning for 2020 (hopefully) completed, it’s time to take a look at 2020 and share a few thoughts on what we see as some trends to expect you’ll hear about this year.

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Is The 2019 Android Migration The Tipping Point For Mobility?

If you’re at all plugged into the pulse of the industry, you probably recognize your facility as one of the following:

  • Ultra-modern and already migrated to Android, with devices and plans for more of them.
  • In transition or planning to transition from Windows to Android, and hoping to use your existing devices a bit longer
  • Convinced that Android is only a phase, and adamant that your current green-screen devices are all you’ll ever need.
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How Automation and Mobility Improves Quality and Safety in Manufacturing

Do you know how to improve quality and safety in manufacturing with automation and mobility? In the last article, we talked about quality control. Today we want to share with you how automation and mobility impacts manufacturing.

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Mobile Technology Study 2014 - Highlights

VSR’s second annual Mobile Technology Study takes an exhaustive look at mobility to help resellers make informed choices. The research covers mobile investment by vertical and by application type. Results confirm that most solution providers are adding mobile technology to their portfolio — two-thirds feel pressure to invest in mobile, and more than 90% will offer mobile solutions within a year. The results also underscore that form-factor and OS will ultimately be decided by what the end user wants. 

VSR Magazine connected with people in July via Twitter and Survey Monkey to leave no stone unturned when gathering data:

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The warehouse mobile laptop cart for accurate and timely product delivery

The mobile laptop cart with an integrated power pack offers a number of customizable options and a wide array of benefits that can significantly improve product delivery in your warehouse facility. Forget about clumsy extension cords, the location of power outlets, and other restrictions and give your warehouse the power to move.

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