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NUCR Multi-Bay Charging Rack
For PowerSwap Nucleus® Classic & Mini PowerCharge Stations

Keep your batteries topped off and tidy with a specially-made charging rack

Introducing a new space-efficient and convenient way to corral and charge your fleet of Nucleus® batteries anywhere in your facility. 

Our customers have spoken, and as a result, the solidly-built NUCR Multi-Bay Charging Rack was created. It was custom designed specifically for holding up to (6) PowerSwap Nucleus®  Classic Dual-Bay Charging Stations or up to (12) Mini Charging Stations.

Outstanding benefits

  • Eliminate the need to plug multiple cords into wall/floor outlets

  • Clean, integrated cable management throughout rack

  • Compact footprint saves valuable floor space

  • Optional mobility caster kit enables rack to be easily moved to ideal charging location 

Data Sheet: NUCR Charging Rack

ROI Calculator

Use Newcastle Systems' ROI Calculator to calculate potential savings when you eliminate unnecessary walking to and from a static computer, high-volume printer or other electronic equipment used in your work process. --- Adjust the values below to better reflect values for your company.

Technical Data/Configurations

Dimensions & Weight:

21” W x 30” D x 50” H / 80 lbs (with 3 shelves)

(533 x 762 x 1270 mm) / (36 kg)

Dimensions & Weight with Optional Mobility Caster Kit (NUCR-MK):

25” W x 30” D x 56 H / 100 lbs (with 3 shelves)

(635 x 762 x 1422 mm) / (45 kg)

Number of Shelves:

3 (with option to add up to 2 more)

Shelf Dimensions:

18” W x 29.875” D / (457 x 759 mm)

Weight Capacity per Shelf:

80 lbs / (36 kg) (evenly distributed)

Total Weight Capacity:

240 lbs / (109 kg)

Input Voltage:

120 VAC

Input Current:

30A (15A max. per power strip)

Up to 3 Nucleus Classic or 6 Nucleus Mini PowerCharge Stations may be connected to each power strip and each power strip should be connected to a circuit rated for at least 15A.

Charge Time (Based on charging station specifications):

4.5 hrs - PWC2C Classic PowerCharge Station

2.5 hrs - PWC1M Mini Station



Data Sheet: NUCR Charging Rack