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The Future of the Portable Power Market

Mobile phones, fans, electric blankets, computers, printers, mini-refrigerators, and other electronic devices can be charged and run using portable power devices. The demand for these rechargeable energy sources for consumer and industrial use is growing rapidly. Here’s how quickly this market is expected to expand and what we know about the future of the portable power market.


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How to Find the Ideal Warehouse Manager

One of the most essential aspects of operating a successful warehouse lies in the quality of your team. And the head of this team is your warehouse manager, who is the person responsible for carrying out your policies and directing staff. It’s vital that you find the right person to fill this role. But where do you start? Here are some of the top challenges for warehouse management and how you can find the ideal warehouse manager.


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Careers in Shipping and Receiving

Warehousing and logistics offer a wide range of career options. If you’d like to build a career in this sector, you may even have the choice of working in a variety of industries, such as eCommerce, manufacturing, agriculture, or the military. Whether you have recently earned a degree or would like to find a career that doesn’t require formal education, here are some of the top careers in shipping and receiving and what you can expect.

Topics: Warehouse Management Supply Chain warehouse careers

How is Inflation Impacting Warehousing and the Supply Chain?

Until recently, high inflation has been more of a theoretical concept for many business owners and consumers. After all, it’s been decades since this country experienced severe inflation. But the past year has made inflation a major concern for consumers and supply chain partners. Here’s how inflation is driving up the costs of just about everything that impacts the supply chain and how your business can respond effectively.

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The Future of Reverse Logistics

Managing returns has traditionally been treated as an afterthought. But with the rise in eCommerce sales, returns are sure to be substantial, which can lead to a poor customer experience and revenue losses. Many businesses are now placing more emphasis on handling returns, called the reverse logistics process. And some initiatives have come a long way. Here’s what those look like and what we might expect from the future of reverse logistics.

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