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    Healthy People, Better World.

    Direct Relief is helping to support our brave healthcare workers during this pandemic.

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  • Smart Productivity for the Shop Floor

    Smart Productivity for the Shop Floor

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    New V2 MotionMeter App

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  • Process-Improvement


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By focusing on reducing receiving errors and inefficiencies you will improve the flow of your entire warehouse.

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Adding mobile powered carts to your shop floor opens a floodgate of opportunities to improve your important processes like Quality Assurance, Material Replenishment, and Finished Goods Labeling.





The PowerSwap Nucleus Lithium Power System is the top industrial-purpose battery that can power all devices on your workstation (laptop, tablet, printer, scanner and more) for 8+ hours at a time AND outlasts all competitors for cycles and durability.

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"They are the best thing I have ever placed into a warehouse for productivity, flexibility, and function!!!"

Joe H., Parts Logistics Mgr.


We are a leading provider of innovative workstation solutions to customers in many industries. Let us show you how industrial stand-up workstations can be replaced by mobile computer workstations with power and easily integrated into your existing infrastructure and processes to improve productivity at your place of business.

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75% Reduction in Overtime 

63% Increase in Receiving Volume

90% Reduction in Labeling Errors

$7,500+ Reduction in Labor Costs per Operator

30% Increase in Picking Rates

ROI in 4-6 Months