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Portable Printer Carts for the High Volume Warehouse

An expansive facility dedicated to shipping and receiving, warehousing, or order fulfillment and distribution continuously looks for ways to improve efficiency and productivity.  Positive improvements in these areas can start small and expand outward like ripples in a pond. 

For companies with warehouse operations at the core, dramatic improvements to efficiency and productivity of the workforce happen by adding portable printer carts.  When the carts include portable power supplies, the staff celebrates and productivity can improve 50%.

Rather than having lists, labels, order picks, and inventory data produced at a stationary printing location, the staff works while on the move which reduces unnecessary downtime eliminating wasted steps.

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Rolling printer stands with portable power bring efficiency to the workplace

One of the best ways to increase employee productivity is to streamline their processes with a rolling printer stand and provide all of their job tools in one, easily accessible space.  In many industries, employees lose productivity while they travel from one work station to another performing job tasks.  It is common for a worker’s job tools, such as reference materials, printer, computer and merchandise to be located in different areas of their facility. 

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