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Eliminating 7 Types of Waste with 5S Methodology

5S is a philosophy, a way of thinking which focuses on organizing and managing the workspace by eliminating 7 Wastes while improving quality and safety.  


Muda (無駄?) is a Japanese word meaning "futility; uselessness; idleness; superfluity; waste; wastage and wastefulness".  A process that consumes resources where waste occurs is when more resources are consumed than are necessary to produce the goods or provide the service that the customer actually wants. 

There are forms of waste in addition to the seven. The 8 most common forms of waste can be remembered using the mnemonic "DOWNTIME"

-  Defective Production

-  Overproduction

-  Waiting

-  Non-used Employee Talent

-  Transportation

-  Inventory

-  Motion

-  Excessive (Over) Processing)

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Why We Love Portable Computer Workstations (And You Should, Too!)

Creating a work environment with the greatest possible productivity starts with out-of-the-box solutions. A portable computer workstation allows businesses to address several productivity needs in one simple solution. Workplace layout may not be ideal, but due to logistical issues, like the availability of electricity, companies must adapt. Work place office assignments can also cause companies to spend too much on unneeded space. Reducing employee movements improves total productivity.

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Fudge Producer and Pharmaceuticals Company go Mobile

Who uses mobile rolling carts with power?  Which mobile workstation is best?  Here are example of companies which have added mobility to their workplace:

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7 Things About Industrial Computer Workstations Your Boss Needs To Know

One of the easiest and most practical ways to transform an antiquated, static workplace with stationary power sources and lots of entangled cabling into a 21st century, highly-productive, wireless mobile one is to embrace the use of industrial computer workstations throughout. No matter how unique or diverse the particular industry, industrial computer workstations offer many benefits; here are the top seven bosses need to know:

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