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Rethinking eCommerce With Microfufillment

Micro-fulfillment models are changing the game for online retailers and customers alike, removing the need to ship orders across states and instead fulfilling orders right in the customer’s area. This can sometimes shorten fulfillment times to just a few hours.

Topics: Distribution Center Retail Cost Reduction Order Fulfillment

How Mobile Workstations Are Shaping Grocery Retail

Grocery stores provide an essential service, one that isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. After all, everyone needs to eat. But how those services are delivered and the way grocery retail outlets operate is changing dramatically.

Topics: Mobile Workstation Retail Automation RFID

Adapting Together — Harnessing Automation for the Aging Workforce’s Success

As the average age of employees in the workforce increases, so does the need for more automation options to adapt to the needs of those employees. Data from various studies and real-life experience reveals compelling insights about how robots are becoming integral in addressing labor shortages and reshaping industries.

Topics: Process Improvement Automation Warehouse Efficiency

Helpers and Hindrances in Automating the Supply Chain-And What To Do About It

The labor shortage has impacted nearly every industry, especially within the supply chain, where open warehousing and transportation positions are going largely unfilled. This, coupled with interruptions in the supply chain and an increased demand for direct-to-consumer commerce channels, is driving the need for automation innovation.

Topics: Supply Chain Process Improvement Automation Warehouse Efficiency