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Manufacturing Moves Faster

Erase production disruption with industrial powered carts by Newcastle

Smart productivity that keeps you on top of every process

Newcastle industrial powered carts save manufacturers millions of dollars per year in process efficiency. The long-lasting battery and flexible, ergonomic cart design helps your workforce reduce physical steps – the work moves with them.

Lean manufacturing = removing steps

Shaving off even seconds from every process to streamline efficiencies is a basic lean tenet. Newcastle’s portable power and industrial carts deliver more than just seconds, they deliver significant time and labor savings.

Realize the efficiency gains immediately

Think of all the areas manufacturing workers need information at their fingertips – not at a static workstation. Instant productivity, just add powered carts!





We’ve experienced a 43% waste reduction in transportation, motion and waiting."


- Charles F., Engineering Mgr., Plexus Corp.


"We do the work of 3 with only 1 person due to the extra efficiencies gained with this system." 


- Jodi P., Supervisor Material Control, Karl Storz




Popular Applications for Mobile Powered Carts

Lean Manufacturing Operations

Reduce transport, waiting and motion by up to 50%.

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Raw Materials Receiving

Boost dock to stock cycle times and labeling accuracy.

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Material Replenishment

Eliminate touches, eliminate cost & speed JIT production.

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QA Measurement & Inspection

Manual doesn’t have to mean excess motion. 

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Finished Goods Labeling

Print directly at the product. Eliminate costly errors and reworks.

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Build the Manufacturing Cart that
Fits Your Operation

Newcastle customers have deployed industrial carts
in a myriad of manufacturing verticals & processes


Featured Manufacturing Case Studies


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Newcastle's Mobile Powered Industrial Carts are designed with safety in mind, and hold & power up to (4) pieces of hardware for 8 - 24+ hours of normal use.  
Ideal for computers, printers, scanners, scales, test equipment, and much more.

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