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Process Improvement Through Mobile Power Technology

Converting a stationary workplace to a mobile one is the easiest, most economical way to increase productivity of your current workers and infrastructure.



Turn every worker into a SUPER worker with a mobile powered workstation.

Easily & quickly integrated into your current processes, mobile workstations impact productivity immediately. Replacing stationary desks will significantly increase efficiency by eliminating costly footsteps, reducing worker fatigue, improving labeling accuracy, and ensuring access to real-time data anywhere.


By nature of its design and functionality, a mobile powered workstation can ensure worker safety and physical distancing in any facility.

75% Reduction in Overtime

63% Increase in Receiving Volume

90% Reduction in Labeling Errors

$7,500+ Reduction in Labor Costs per Operator

30% Increase in Picking Rates

ROI in 4-6 Months

Ideal for YOUR Work Environment

Thousands of installations worldwide have shown that Newcastle's Mobile Powered Workstations significantly streamline processes in a wide variety of work places including:


  • Third Party Logistics / E-Commerce Fulfillment
  • Distribution for Retail, Medical, Industrial and more
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • High Tech / Electronics
  • Medical Device
  • Pharmaceutical and more



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Typical ROI Calculation

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Exceptional ROI

Time spent walking back and forth to printers, computers and other equipment is a form of waste. 20 seconds here and 10 seconds there adds up to hundreds of hours of waste labor costs over the course of a year.


Eliminating just 8 minutes of added walking per hour for each worker saves thousands of dollars annually.


Join the Leaders In Your Industry

But don't just take our word for it. Newcastle Systems' mobile workstations are deployed by the best and brightest in warehousing & distribution, manufacturing and retail who are known for their innovation through continuous process improvement. 

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Product Line Up by Newcastle Systems

Ergonomically designed and safe, while rugged enough for any industrial environment. By nature of its functionality - all cart systems can ensure worker safety and physical distancing in your facility.

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Mobile Receiving Station

all-in-one receiving station

Increase dock to stock by 50% or more. This complete turn-key solution is packaged with all the hardware needed to ensure a lean, robust inbound labeling process in your warehouse or production floor. Also ensures physical distancing to keep your workers safe. >More

Mobile Shipping Station

all-in-one mobile shipping station-1

Ensure shipments get out the door fast & accurately labeled. This turn-key solution comes packaged with printers, scanner, computing device and industrial mobile powered cart to ensure a lean, robust outbound labeling process while also keeping your workers a safe distance apart. >More


Entry-Level EC Series

EC Series

Entry-level cart solution offering excellent price to performance ratio. Ideal for powering a laptop, barcode printer & scanner for up to 8+ hours. >More

Mid-Range NB Series

NB Series

Rechargeable power with the ability to run up to 4 devices at once for up to 8-12+ hours. With a slotted mast system, shelves & accessories can be adapted for each user's needs in seconds. >More

Heavy-Duty PC Series

PC Series

Heavy-duty model with a weight capacity of 400 lbs & plenty of shelf space for inventory and tools. Rechargeable power with the ability to run several devices at once for 8-12+ hours of normal use. >More

LT Series Laptop Cartnew-flag-1


Our most economical cart system designed for industrial environments and mobile computing/light printing applications for 4–8+ hrs. Typical ROI in about 90 days. >More

Ergonomic Apex Series

Apex Nucleus Cart with height-adjustable ergonomic mast raises the bar for workplace mobility, flexibility, safety and comfort. Go from standing to sitting in seconds with the touch of a button. >More

Quality Testing Stations

QC-Series-ThumbDesigned for mobile quality testing and other processes requiring vast storage capabilities. Holds up to 3 locking storage drawers for tools, calipers and much more.>More

Health Testing Stationsnew-flag-1


Designed to accommodate mobile printing for outdoor testing sites, temporary healthcare facilities and more. Maintain social distancing by enabling “personal” mobile printing, scanning, computing, etc. >More 

Power for Picking Cartsnew-flag-1


Add mobile power to your existing picking cart to increase velocity and accuracy for picking single line items, batch order picking, manual and RF picking as well as “Pick & Pack” for fast-moving items. >More 


PowerSwap Nucleus® MINI Lithiumnew-flag-1


Mini ..Yet MIGHTY. At only 6 lbs., our newest member to the PowerSwap Nucleus® family provides an outstanding cost to performance ratio for lighter power applications. >More

PowerSwap Nucleus® Classic Lithium


When power runs low, simply swap out power package with a fully charged one. Lightweight at only 11 lbs, 5-7 year or 3,000 cycle battery life, quiet, seamless AC power. >More

NUCR Multi-Bay Charging Rack


Keep your batteries topped off and tidy with this specially-made charging rack, designed to hold the PowerSwap Nucleus® Classic & Mini PowerCharge Stations. >More 

NB Series PowerSwap


Designed to keep the NB Series powered 24 hours a day. When power runs low, swap it in seconds with a freshly charged one, enabling continuous work with minimal interruption. >More 


PowerPack Ultra Seriesnew-flag-1

PP Ultra Series

Seamless AC power for laptop and printer for up to 8+ hours. Lightweight, compact and eliminates the need for noisy generators and hazardous extension cords. >More

PowerPack Mega Series

PP Mega Series

Quiet, seamless AC power anywhere you need it. Ideal for desktop PC and high-volume industrial printer for 8 - 12+ hours. >More


For NB, PC & PP Seriesnew-flag-1


Upgrade your current SLA battery system and reap the benefits of lighter weight and up to 10 years of battery life. >More


Workstation Accessories


Create a highly versatile workstation that can be configured to suit any application. Accessories provide benefits like increased ergonomics, organization, convenience, security and flexibility. >More

Customization Services


Customize a mobile power solution for your specific application with Newcastle’s in-house engineering team. >More