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10 Ideas to Keep Warehouse Pickers Motivated

Warehouse pickers have a significant impact on how smoothly and efficiently the facility runs. These ten ideas will help keep them motivated throughout the day and encourage them to perform their best at all times.

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7 Reasons Why Great Order Picking Staff might be Hard to Find

Warehouses and production facilities with marginal performing order pickers are doomed to fail. An order picking staff must have excellence as they review incoming material or product orders, find those materials and products on the shelves and deliver them to the loading area to be wrapped and put on a delivery truck. Their role may also include more responsibility of wrapping and loading the trucks.

Topics: Order Picking

10 Ways an Awesome Stock Picker Eliminates Wasted Steps

When a stock picker pulls inventory from warehouse shelving to fill a custom order, he or she can do it inefficiently – or efficiently. Here are 10 ways an awesome stock picker eliminates wasted steps:

1. Good pickers work with picking methods efficiently

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