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Warehouse Wifi Problems Might Be Killing Your Productivity

The digital age that we live and work in provides each of us with a host of easier ways to get the daily ins and outs accomplished. This, of course, includes the day in the life of a warehouse manager and employee. From the receiving dock, to the lift operator putting the goods away, the picker, and the outbound department, WiFi has virtually eliminated the paper trail. 

This does not mean that WiFi does not present a unique set of challenges in the warehouse environment. What are the difficulties that can arise with WiFi in the warehouse, and is there a solution?

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If Lean is so Great, Why Doesn't Everyone Do It?

Most people, regardless of the industry they are in, are fearful of two prospects. They are change and staying the same. A paradox of sorts, and confusing to management who have developed a growth mindset.

When presented with the idea of a lean operation, rather than the status quo, most team members, and some members of management, recoil from the notion. They are afraid of the change, yet they are quick to point out the flaws in the current workflow. See, this is the paradox.

Topics: Lean Manufacturing Lean

How to Run a Warehouse Audit

The perception that many have of the simplicity of warehouse operations merits consideration. How simple is it? We receive goods, put them away, pick them upon order, ship, and then maintain the overall operation. On it’s face it appears simple. Yet, let a novice manager in training step into the shoes of an existing warehouse manager and they may soon find themselves overwhelmed. 

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7 Excellent Methods to Improve Picking and Packing Efficiencies

"Measured in time and money - order picking is without doubt the most costly activity in a typical warehouse. It is also the activity that plays the biggest role for customer satisfaction with the warehouse – and in the final analysis the entire supply chain." - Professor René de Koster

Topics: Productivity Order Picking

7 Reasons Why Integrated Warehousing and Distribution are the Best Bet

When proposed with the option of stand alone warehousing versus an integrated operation of warehousing and distribution, many managers today shrug at the notion of added responsibilities. So, they continue on with their typical approach, and the end result is profit reduction and dissatisfied customers.

While this is not an across the board occurence, it is commonplace enough to bear consideration of a new way to view housing and distributing inventory. The profit reductions can occur as a result of one segment, i.e. the warehouse or distribution, focusing their attention on what only they can control at the expense of other functions of the supply chain. This creates an avalanche of cost increases ultimately impacting the end customer, thus lost revenue.

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