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Ergonomic Industrial Computer Cart

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Apex Series Ergonomic Industrial Power Stations

The Apex Series Power Stations with electric height-adjustable ergonomic mast raise the bar for workplace mobility and safety.  This flexible station serves a vast range of industries on the warehouse and production floor as well as anywhere worker comfort matters as much as improved efficiency.

The Apex Series raises productivity by providing mobile power to your devices including laptops, tablets, 1-2 LCDs or touchscreens, barcode printers, scanners, and more for 8+ hours at a time.

Outstanding Features Include:

Eliminate the need for costly cable drops and dangerous extension cords

Ergonomic Height Range: 30/33" - 48" from floor to top shelf to accommodate any operator

Sit-stand option provides improved safety and comfort

Hardware-Friendly:  Quiet, seamless AC power (no need to source for DC-specific hardware) 

Power System to Fit Your Needs:  Swappable lightweight lithium batteries for 24/7 operation / Fixed LiFePO4 or SLA for 8-12+ hours of operation

Data Sheet: APEX Series Height-Adjust Powered Carts

Popular Applications

Manufacturing/Shop Floor

  • Visual work instruction
  • Asset tracking
  • Operational training
  • Batch traceability
  • Supervisor floor station
  • Quality Assurance 


  • Inventory control / cycle counting
  • Supervisor floor station

Typical Productivity Gains

  • Improve Processes & Flexibility - The integrated power system allows you to fully leverage your wireless facility by cutting the power cords and letting your workstations move to where the work is taking place.  

  • Maximize Resources - A mobile powered station means you can achieve the same amount of work with fewer pieces of equipment (computers, printers, scales, test equipment, etc.) by eliminating static computer workstations at each cell.

  • Enable People - Operators & managers now have full-screen access to ERP, MES, PLM, and other information systems while on the move.  Eliminate the paper trail.

  • Instant ROI - Obtain measurable productivity gains without months of planning and implementation.  Eliminate the need for costly cable drops or dangerous extension cords.  

Power & Run Time

The model number represents the configured power system to handle your power requirements.

Typical Devices Powered for 8+ Hours Recommended Model Configurations
Laptop/thin client, & LCD icon-laptop-1  icon-lcd
Laptop/thin client, & (2) LCDs icon-laptop-1  icon-lcd icon-lcd
Laptop/thin client, (2) LCDs, small or mid-range thermal printer & scanner icon-laptop-1 icon-lcd icon-lcd icon-sm-printer-1  icon-scanner

Laptop/thin client, (1-2) LCDs, industrial thermal printer & scanner

icon-laptop-1 icon-lcd icon-lcd icon-lg-printer-1  icon-scanner


Technical Data/Configurations

All Apex Series Ergonomic Mobile Powered Workstations listed below come standard with top adjustable height worksurface, 5" locking casters, integrated power system (excludes AP1000) and power strip.

Model number represents the configured power system to handle your power requirements. 

Lithium Iron Phosphate 

Model  Continuous Output Power (W) Surge Power Battery Bank (Wh) Charge Time (Hrs) Operating Temp. Range (F)


120 (1 battery) 550 460 4  50-104°


 120 (1 battery) 550 460  4  50-104°


240 (2 batteries) 825 920 4 50-104°


1000 2000 960 4.5 50-95°




120 (1 battery) / 240 (2 batteries) 550 / 825 460 / 920 50-104° 


Sealed Lead Acid 

Model  Continuous Output Power (W) Surge Power Battery Bank (Wh) Charge Time (Hrs) Operating Temp. Range (F)
AP504-S 450 900 480 4 32-95° 
AP510-S  450 900 1200 9 32-95°
AP1010-S 1000 2000 1200 5 32-104°



Model  Continuous Output Power (W) Surge Power Battery Bank (Wh) Charge Time (Hrs) Operating Temp. Range (F)


ROI Calculator

Use Newcastle Systems' ROI Calculator to calculate potential savings when you eliminate unnecessary walking to and from a static computer, high-volume printer or other electronic equipment used in your work process. --- Adjust the values below to better reflect values for your company.


Data Sheet: APEX Series Height-Adjust Powered Carts