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The Portable Power Supply Comparison Guide 
For Warehouses, Manufacturing and Distribution Centers

portable power

You may be well aware of advances in technology which have already changed how warehouses, manufacturing plants, distribution centers and large retail stores operate.

Research and comparisons are important prior to making purchasing decisions. When time is short, serious research is often put off which causes decisions to be delayed.

To help you to avoid delays and save time, we are providing our research on portable power supply options.

This guide is not designed to be technical, though it provides a few technical specs. We have portable power supply geeks on the team who can’t help but share what they know.

This guide is for anyone wanting to eliminate waste of time and money walking back and forth.

Get the free Portable Power Supply Comparison Guide to learn how you can rethink the way you manage power to your operation.

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Testimonials & Success Stories:


“Whether the task is receiving and labeling inbound pallets on the receiving docks or going up and down each aisle in the warehouse to locate and re-label stock, shelves, or racking, the NB Series has proven to be a reliable, mobile piece of equipment. We have come to rely on the NB Series powered cart the same way we rely on our forklifts and pallet jacks.”

George Guzman - Director of Distribution Technology. Schwarz


“The portable power enables us to take our workstations to any area within our facility while increasing work flow, productivity and giving us greater flexibility in our process. It’s extremely easy to use and powers anything we plug into it.”

Team at Amazon



“I chose Newcastle Systems for many reasons - its ease of mobility, long lasting battery, ease of use and ability to choose our own hardware. Our business relies on our ability to receive and distribute products swiftly and efficiently.  We rely on Newcastle Systems to help us accomplish that goal.” 

Richard Pekarsky - Network Manager for Care-A-Lot Pet Supply



“We’ve eliminated a lot of footsteps. We’re now able to bring our thin clients and other equipment directly to the job - ANYWHERE within our four facilities.” 

John Larrabee - IT Manager, Hol-Mac Corporation