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Computer Carts On Wheels by Newcastle Systems

If you're searching for a flexible solution for your computer workstation, it might be wise to explore the possibilities that a powered computer cart on wheels can offer. The new mobile computer workstation is not simply a computer cart on wheels, but instead, it's a self-powered workstation that allows you the flexibility to move your computer, scanner, printer, and a variety of other components throughout your work area in order to assist you in becoming more efficient in your business.

How to upgrade a workstation cart by adding mobility and a portable power pack

The workstation cart on site may still have a few years of life but may have lost its functionality as workflows have changed with new technology. Over the years the more modern warehouse, distribution center, factory or large retail operation has added more tools which require power.  Computers (including laptops), printers, scales, barcode scanners and other small electronic equipment soon take up more space than originally planned and requires power to either operate or receive a charge.