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How Equipment Shortages Are Affecting Supply Chains

The shipping and distribution industries have been feeling the squeeze of supply chain disruptions ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Shipping capacities have been pushed to the brink as shipping containers and distributors are in high demand.

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Our DIY Champs Contest Shines the Light on the Power of Your People

It Always Starts With A Problem

Being out on the floor is all about finding problems. Finding a better way. Or finding a challenge that no one saw before….

That is what your team does out there every day – spotting the need. Because they are Problem Solvers…

That’s Why You Have Problem Solvers

Your team doesn’t just FIND new challenges, they solve them too…

Some may have welding skills, but for those who don’t, they have duct tape. Or binder clips. Or an extra battery and some wires. They are your own MacGuyvers!

Tell Us About Your “Inner MacGuyver”

Newcastle Systems wants to learn about your team’s creative innovations…and share them with our community to give them the recognition they deserve!

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7 Reasons To Consider a Rugged Device Over A Consumer-Grade Device

Smartphones are great tools for keeping up with daily schedules, and checking emails, however, these consumer-grade devices are not durable enough for industrial use.

Mobile devices for the enterprise are entirely different. We call them rugged devices that can provide what consumer devices cannot.

In computer hardware lingo, “rugged” means a device capable of withstanding on-the-job accidents and rough handling. This device safeguards your data and will not break under rough and tough industry conditions. In drop specification, “rugged” means offering the right tools in one platform with a consistent performance level to deliver efficient operations and increased productivity over a long period.

Will an investment in rugged technology pay off? Can these devices contribute to your operation?

Here are seven good reasons to consider rugged devices over consumer-grade devices.

Topics: Warehouse Equipment