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Double Worker Productivity with Rugged Mobile Powered Warehouse Carts

Increase throughput, shorten order cycle times and maximize your labor productivity with industrial powered carts

Excessive walking is a waste of time and money: A great mobile warehouse cart can fix that

Efficiency and flexibility is the name of the game in the modern warehouse. With the advent of wireless warehouses, are you taking advantage of worker mobility with the right cart and power supply? The incredible ROI of implementing fully outfitted industrial carts for every warehouse function is undeniable and proven every day in leading warehouse, logistics and 3PL companies every day.

Empower your warehouse and logistics workforce, boost KPIs

Capture just how much time is spent walking to static workstations with the Newcastle Motion Meter app.  Then calculate the labor savings for every minute saved by having a fully powered warehouse cart on hand right beside you. It’s truly eye-opening.

The go-to essential tool, right beside the forklift and pallet jack

Customers wonder how they ever lived without mobile powered carts. The industrial carts hold everything you need, with long lasting battery power to last through multiple shifts. Ease the worker burden and see productivity skyrocket.

Real World Results. Day In, Day Out.



The most innovative companies in the world use Newcastle carts to boost efficiency and get impressive, consistent results.




Typical Applications for Mobile Powered Carts:


Boost dock to stock metrics, reduce labor costs and improve labeling accuracy. 

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Quicker processing means quicker replacements or refunds and higher customer satisfaction.

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Inventory Control & Asset Tracking

Greater inventory accuracy, ERP and WMS systems always on hand.

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Increase productivity by 50%. Pick, pack, and label without wasted motion.

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Skip the footsteps to stationary pack stations and move packages to the shipping dock faster.

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Get everything out the door faster. Labeling, paperwork, shipping systems at your fingertips.

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Get the Right Product for
Your Warehouse Needs

"They are the best thing I have ever put in the warehouse for productivity, flexibility and function!!!" - Joe H., Parts Logistics Mgr., Mercedes Benz

Find What Fits

Popular Product Configurations

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Mobile Receiving Station Mobile Shipping Station


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