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Touring Strand’s Apples Added Value Warehouse to Process the Harvest

What kind of facility looks like a factory but isn’t? Or looks like a warehouse, but looks far more industrial than a typical facility with racks principally designed for storage? The “Added-Value Warehouse” is something of a hybrid. It is a facility that does some additional work on a product before it ships out rather than just storing, picking, packing and shipping previously finished products.

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CASE STUDY: Learn How MSC Improved Productivity with Mobile Workstations

Accuracy is important in any distribution operation, but it is critical for companies that have a large number of SKUs. High SKU counts require that the right inventory is always in the right place – and that process of accountability starts in receiving. An efficient and accurate receiving operation provides the ability to accurately identify products wherever they may be within the facility. It also helps to assure that customers are correctly and quickly shipped the products that they order.

Recently the first shipments from MSC Industrial Supply Co.'s (MSC) newest customer fulfillment center in Columbus, Ohio. MSC is a leading value- added distributor of industrial supplies across North America. Among the new material handling equipment installed in the 400,000-square-foot facility are 12 mobile carts with integrated power from Newcastle Systems. The carts help MSC efficiently receive the more than a quarter million SKUs the company expects to eventually stock in Columbus.

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Dollar General opens $100M Distribution Center in Bethel (almost 1 million sq ft)

Dollar General's massive distribution center which opened in Bethel, PA is fully up and running in northern Berks County.  It's made of enough steel to build 6,400 cars, and the number of pallets it can hold would stretch from Bethel to New York City. Check out Dollar General's new distribution center...

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Reduction of Labor by 60% With 3 Simple Steps

Though the Cinetic Landis Corporation has been doing business since 1897, there were still opportunities to improve productivity in operations.  More specifically, there was a bottleneck in the receiving department.  As components used in the manufacturing of the boring and grinding machines are received, they are individually identified, inspected, marked and tracked at the time of receipt.

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