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Four order picking solutions

A number of supply chain academics such as G.P. Sharp and Edward Frazelle have proposed a number of ways of classifying the order picking system. Four solutions have been identified for order picking.

  • Picker to Part
  • Part to Picker
  • Sorting System
  • Pick to Box
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7 Genius Ways to Recruit Order Pickers

Recruiting order pickers can be a challenging task, especially if your business is one with high seasonal business fluctuations.  There are simple ways to recruit order pickers by posting job openings online. You most likely know of these resources but in case you are not familiar, here are options for you:

10 Important Accessories Picking Carts Must Have

Picking carts are key for warehouse efficiency, but if your picking carts aren't equipped with the proper accessories, you could be doing extra duty.  You want to make sure your picking carts have the best and brightest accessories to make sure you're getting the most out of your pickers' time.  

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