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The Secret Behind A Successful Warehouse

We appreciate those who work within the warehouse environment as they overcome the pressures of deadlines and costs.  Each warehouse manager must be meticulous, technologically sophisticated, authoritative, organized and calm under pressure. 

The resources of a warehouse are space, equipment and personnel. The cost of space includes the cost of the building or leasing a space and the cost of maintaining the space. The equipment resources of a warehouse include data processing equipment, computers carts with portable power, dock equipment, material handling equipment, storage equipment and unit load equipment. 

According to experts, there are 'secrets' behind running a successful warehouse.

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8 Genius Ways to Boost Warehouse Productivity

Keeping a warehouse working efficiently to maximize returns is a daily battle.  You can improve efficiency by purchasing and keeping up current equipment, maintaining safe and comfortable working conditions and paying a fair wage to your employees.  To enjoy the benefits of a productive and efficient warehouse environment here are great ways to improve warehouse productivity. 

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Extend the Life of a Battery, Recycling Locations & Battery Replacements

What drives better productivity is mobile power.  The PowerPack on Newcastle Systems' mobile workstations has changed the game for companies such as Ross Stores, Amazon and others. You can read the case studies here.  Contrary to a recent April Fool's email we sent out, batteries don't last forever.  To extend the life of a battery, recycle and/or replace the battery, we offer the following information:

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A Peek Inside Online Retailers' Warehouses

While the public will never see the inside of a warehouse, people are diligently working to ship products at a rapid pace.  It is estimated that online sales will be $280 billion dollars in 2015. Everything happens because of warehouse workers.  It is important to look more closely at this segment of the business and the people who work in the warehouses, receive products, do the ordering picking and ship.  

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