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How Much Mobile Power Is Enough?

In 2020, more businesses discovered the benefit of “cutting the cord” with their electric outlets and putting their devices and workstations on carts fitted with powerful batteries. Mobile Power gave them the benefit of bringing their devices to their work, rather than wasting footsteps and other movement.

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The Elves Who Reduced Footsteps..

Every kid in America,

Liked Christmas a LOT,

The warehouse team,
Who had to manage peak every year,

It could be their heads weren’t screwed on right,
It could be, perhaps, their shoes were too tight!

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5 Nifty Things a Mobile Cart Workstation With an iPad Includes

Beyond the mobile workstation, what you see in the hands of people on the move are iPads.  In fact, because they are mobile in and of themselves does not mean it is complete.  Far from it.

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How to Choose the Correct Industrial Computer Workstation

The worst advice heard when searching for new, or replacement industrial computer workstations - “just get the cheapest one they have.” Spending a little extra to get the right workstation for the plant, warehouse, store, or distribution center will save money in the long run, and increase productivity.

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Section 179 of the IRS Tax Code for Purchasing Equipment Expiring

Tax incentive for purchasing equipment this year will soon expire. Section 179 of the IRS Tax Code allows a business to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and/or software purchased or leased during the tax year. A business may deduct up to $25,000 in 2014 with purchase prices amounting to no more than $200,000.

If you're interested in purchasing warehouse  equipment such as mobile workstation carts or portable power, time is running out.

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Eliminating Hidden Downtime in the Warehouse with Mobile Workstations

One of your primary concerns may be the reduction of unnecessary downtime your company experiences on a daily basis.  This downtime may often go unnoticed, resulting in expenses and losses you are unable to account for or eliminate because you aren’t aware of the loss.  While hidden downtime can be costly to your company in many ways, did you know you can actually make changes to the workplace that will substantially reduce, if not entirely eliminate, this downtime altogether?

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What does it mean to be Lean Six Sigma? [infographic]

The purpose of Lean is to deliver value to customers by removing all waste, overburden and variation from processes.   The first step is to create a Lean culture . . . and then continuously improve processes to exceed customer expectations. A true lean culture is when the first question is always why (purpose) and then what (action) so problems are solved by everyone (people).

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Newcastle Systems is going to NRF's "Big Show 2014" in New York City

Did you know Newcastle Systems Carts are used by nearly a dozen of America's largest national retailers?  Visit us at National Retail Federation's Big Show 2014 to learn how they have used the mobile carts with power to improve efficiency and move their workplace.

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Maintenance instructions for mobile workstation carts and PowerPack

If you are not yet familiar with powered work stations, they combine the mobility of a cart with a portable battery power pack to provide electrical power for computers, printers and peripherals.

With such a versatile combination, mobile data entry, printing, WMS connectivity, and inventory management becomes more efficient and flexible.  This new technology enables you to complete tasks which are a part of a multi-stage process from one location by bringing computer based elements with you on a cart with its own PowerPack. 

With a basic configuration that includes a metal frame, two shelves, swivel casters and power package, maintenance of the workstations is fairly simple.  


Here are the basic maintenance instructions for mobile workstation carts and PowerPacks. Newcastle’s carts can be maintained by anyone on the staff and do not require high tech knowledge or special skills:

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Five Benefits of Using a Mobile Computer Station

Improving efficiency and productivity in the workplace is the goal of any good manager or business owner. One often-overlooked area where improvements could be made is that of the equipment used by employees to carry out their roles. One way to remove some of the limitations that inflexible equipment setups place on employees, particularly those who work in warehouses and factories, is to introduce a mobile computer station into the workplace. Here are five benefits of using a mobile computer station that could make a big difference to your organization.

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