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5 Ways the Humble "Mobile Cart" Can Change Your Business

Savings Start With Investment

It's well-known that some of the best ways to save and improve productivity involve investing in your business first. Hiring a top sales person who performs pays for itself quickly. Building a  new Distribution Center near a major delivery service shipping hub saves on overland shipping costs. Additional training of staff above and beyond can pay for itself in reduced accident rates and insurance costs.

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Big Changes Start With Mobility in Mind

Perish the Afterthought

We often hear from customers who have just completed a major overhaul to their operations - new equipment, software changes, staff training, change management - basically, the works. They call us usually because after they completed all the work they found a few physical process gaps that someone then associated with our product and "click!", the connection is made and they solve that problem with a few of our carts and battery packs.