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Picking Cart Heaven is Here and it Includes Portable Power!

Soon enough, old picking carts will be thought of just as powerless horse and buggies, a part of history. It might be difficult to imagine. When horse and buggies filled the streets, no one could imagine that horses would be off to pasture and horseless carriages would be the method of travel. Our latest workstation, the powered picking cart, is rolling off the assembly line and destined to keep the wasted steps of pickers to a minimum.

No cords, power to last and by the end of the work shift, staff will be more refreshed and looking forward to the next day. 

Topics: Picking Carts

Preparing for the Supply Chain in Space [infographic]

"Space is the final frontier" and while we offer methods to conquer the space in your warehouse, we also like to think bigger.

Topics: PROMAT Supply Chain

Manufacturing Workforce Infographic: Making it in America

U.S. manufacturers are the most productive in the world. They come from many different sectors and make the products that enrich our daily lives. The infographic below highlights current data and predicts future trends. The trends offer opportunities for those ready to think differently.

Topics: Manufacturing Infographic