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Let’s Talk About Freight Transportation Theft

If you run a warehouse or distribution center or work in the logistics industry, freight theft deserves close attention. Crime rates are known to spike for over-the-road transportation during the holidays and busy periods, having a significant impact on businesses and consumers.

Topics: Supply Chain Shipping warehouse safety

5 Disadvantages of Automated Warehouse Robots


There is a continued fear of robotic warehouse automation and its ability to take warehouse jobs from employees. While we understand the fear, we don’t necessarily share it.

Topics: Mobile Workstation Automation Robots Hybrid Warehouse

Top 5 Considerations for Warehouse Ergonomics


It’s true that 20% of products in a facility are picked 80% of the time. This means that keeping the most frequently picked items in a convenient location is a no-brainer right?

Topics: Mobile Workstation

Essential Strategies to Keep Your Warehouse a Safe Place to Work

Warehouses, fulfillment centers, and distribution centers are fast-paced, busy places with lots of activity--which can also make them a magnet for safety issues. Learn about the strategies you and your team should be implementing to avoid injuries and maintain your positive business reputation.

Topics: Warehouse Management safety protocols warehouse safety

Automation Trends — Ushering in a New Era in Warehousing and Fulfillment in 2024

Warehouse construction boomed alongside eCommerce during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic but slowed shortly after. Now, we’re witnessing new, more sustainable growth and higher spending in warehouse automation that is expected to carry into 2024--here’s what’s happening.

Topics: Warehouse Management ECommerce Automation