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Why Talent is Crucial to Your Supply Chain Strategy

A company is only as successful as it’s most important asset, it’s people. The cycle of hiring, training, and promoting from within are the goals of each human resources department. An important qualification must be made here however. Successful managers are not interested in having a “Now Hiring” advertisement up throughout the fiscal year.

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10 Startups That Will Transform Warehousing

With companies such as Amazon and Walmart continuing to strive in the direction of supply-chain technological advancements, it is worth a consideration of where this is leading warehousing. The focus is not so much on what these two companies are doing as it is the startups and their innovations.

This is not to discredit 2 of the “leaders of the pack”, instead we will look closely at 10 startups who will potentially change the face of warehousing as we know it today. The funding that is driving these startups demonstrates how prevalent the products and services they offer will become.

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How to Design a Warehouse

Setting up a warehouse can seem like an impossible task, especially if you’ve never had to design one before. There are some things you need to know before installing all the parts and moving in the employees. If you’re thinking about designing a warehouse, you should consider things like the location, and the design of the interior. You want to make sure everything is the right place to maximize production, and prevent accidents. Before you run out to design your warehouse, here are some things you should consider. 

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The 10 Best Shoes (or boots) Order Pickers in Warehouses Should Wear

Workers who are comfortably and appropriately dressed to handle job tasks will be more productive and happier at work. One of the most important parts of an order picker's wardrobe is his or her footwear.

Proper work shoes will allow order pickers to maximize their potential daily workload. The best work shoes will also be safer and help workers to avoid accidents that could potentially sidetrack them from getting work done.

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Become a Warehouse Efficiency Master in 6 Steps

In the warehouse and logistics industries, productivity is king. Every step of every process can be broken down and measured to ensure that the client is getting the most for their investment, the customer is happy with the products they receive and the warehouse staff are reaching their maximum potential because they use a warehouse cart with portable power.

At least, all these factors should be measureable and regularly checked. In the increasingly analytical, technical world of today, any company not hitting all cylinders will soon be left behind for a more efficient alternative.

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