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Exploring Drone Implementation in the Warehouse Industry


The warehouse industry presents a huge opportunity for new technology solutions to boost productivity and provide businesses with competitive advantages. Many companies in this sector have been implementing solutions like robotics, RFID tags, and automated picking systems. Another innovation is warehouse drones.

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The History of Warehousing

Warehouses seem like a modern-day invention to hold goods before they are ready to be distributed or delivered to customers. But they aren’t that new at all. In fact, humans have been storing supplies for centuries. Here is a brief history of warehousing, including how we got to the modern-day version and its more advanced techniques.

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The Warehouse of the Future

Warehouses have been around for centuries. They’ve provided consistent support for human commerce and innovation. While the structure of a warehouse building hasn’t changed much, everything that goes on inside the building has shifted dramatically.

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Order Picking Best Practices

Few processes in order fulfillment are as labor- and time-intensive as your picking processes. Getting the right products off the shelves and ready for shipment quickly is an ongoing challenge for most warehouses and distribution centers.

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