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Picking Error Problems - Suggestions and Solutions

To err is human and order picking is not an exception.  To accept marginal performance and not be diligent with finding solutions for picking errors is costly.  To conquer problems related to errors in order picking, below you will find suggestions from those who have already found solutions.

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Dollar General opens $100M Distribution Center in Bethel (almost 1 million sq ft)

Dollar General's massive distribution center which opened in Bethel, PA is fully up and running in northern Berks County.  It's made of enough steel to build 6,400 cars, and the number of pallets it can hold would stretch from Bethel to New York City. Check out Dollar General's new distribution center...

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Manufacturing Employees Experience the Longest Workweek Since July 1945

Current Employment Statistics Survey Summary, May 2014

The most recent Current Employment Statistics Survey from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows how the average work week in May increased to a new high not seen since 1945.  

We want to share with you data found in the report and along with predictions made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

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The 8 Best Order Picking Methods (Including Batch Picking)

Order picking methods are defined in terms of: (a) pickers per order - the number of pickers that work on a single order at one time; (b) lines per pick - the number of orders a single item is picked for at one time; and (c) periods per shift - the frequency of order scheduling during one shift.

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2014 Warehousing and DC Operations Statistics [Infographic]

– Trend Shows Business is Growing (and Complicated)

About Warehousing and Storage:

At the center of our economy is the storage and distribution of goods and services which is part of the transportation and warehousing sector.

Industries in the Warehousing and Storage subsector are primarily engaged in operating warehousing and storage facilities for general merchandise, refrigerated goods, and other warehouse products.

The industry is fragmented: The 50 largest US companies generate about 40 percent of revenue.

Major services include general warehousing (about 70 percent of industry revenue) and refrigerated warehousing (15 percent).

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6 Businesses that Leaped Forward to More Profit with Portable Power

Technology advances have given businesses across all industries the benefit of mobility.  Laptops, smartphones, tablets and other mobile computing devices now make it possible for any workforce to operate business while on the go.  

An integral part of mobile computer workstations are portable power systems which provide facilities with compact to heavy-duty mobile solutions.  They provide a short-cut for increasing productivity and cost savings across various industries: from assembly lines to healthcare facilities.

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