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The Most Exciting Technology for Warehouses, Picking and Distribution

Today we share insights about the best new technologies for warehouses, especially those including a small piece picking operation. What technology changes or enhancements are working for other companies now.

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The Scoop on Order Picking and How to Improve Productivity Without Software

The order picking process has become an important part of the supply chain process. It is the most labor-intensive activity for almost every warehouse.  The cost of order picking is estimated to be as much as 55% of the total warehouse operating expense.  Considering the time and expense invested, even small improvements in the order picking process has an immediate impact on the bottom line.

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Reduction of Labor by 60% With 3 Simple Steps

Though the Cinetic Landis Corporation has been doing business since 1897, there were still opportunities to improve productivity in operations.  More specifically, there was a bottleneck in the receiving department.  As components used in the manufacturing of the boring and grinding machines are received, they are individually identified, inspected, marked and tracked at the time of receipt.

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