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Empower Your Employees With Efficiency Tools Using Portable Power

Time management tools are essential in any dynamic organization, be it a national retailer, global manufacturing firm or a regional distribution center. Here are five crucial productivity and efficiency tips along with quotes from industry leaders to help empower your employees to work smarter for you.

Batch What You Do So That You Do Similar Tasks Together

Consider the pick-up time of activities, the time it takes to start doing an activity again after you have stopped it. If you think multitasking is an efficient method for getting things done, think again. Multitasking simply means switching quickly between things, which increases the pick-up time, making you less efficient.

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Portable Powered Workstations - Bring the Future Now to Your Workplace

Looking Beyond the Challenges of Innovation and Change

“Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments.” -Tesla


In today’s consumer economy, warehouses face challenges from e-commerce that the old brick-and-mortar conventions never had. The need for faster and more efficient processes is ever present, as companies explore better ways to pull product to consumers -not just retailers.

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The History of Material Handling Conveyors Since 1795 - Infographic

Conveyor systems have been an integral part of material handling for over 100 years, and their origins can be traced back even further than that. Transport of bulk materials by conveyor belts dates back to around 1795, although the vast majority of these early iterations were used to move grains over very short distances.

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What Will Industrial Portable Power Be Like in the Next 5 Years?

The rumors about a new battery existed about 250 BC. It is believed that the Parthians who ruled Baghdad (ca. 250 BC) used batteries to electroplate silver. The Egyptians are said to have electroplated antimony onto copper over 4300 years ago.

In fact, while we know of the basic battery most of our life, the battery continues to evolve though many times the changes are not apparent.

Compared to other advancements, the progress has only been moderate. A battery holds relatively little power, is bulky, heavy, and has a short life span.  Here is a quick snapshot of battery history:

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What Top Warehouses Are Saying About Portable Power

We get pretty excited about what portable powered workstations do for warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing plants. Today we are going to turn to those who use the portable power and Newcastle Systems' specially designed mobile carts.  As with most companies, we prefer to keep the personal and company contact information confidential. Below you will hear feedback surveys have provided over the last year.

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