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The Importance of Receiving and Putaway

You could argue that all areas of the warehouse are equally important but the bottom line is if we receive things poorly the odds of us picking them and shipping them properly are pretty close to zero.

When it comes to world-class receiving and put away one of the general principles is to try to minimize the number of handling steps throughout the process.

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How To Improve The Warehouse Receiving Process

Warehouse receiving operations are a critical part in maintaining the integrity of inventory systems and ensuring the availability of products for customers. Without an effective receiving system, items fall through the cracks, are not counted, do not receive adequate inspection and fail to provide evidence of problems with vendors that affect profitability.

A comprehensive management program must be included in any business system to eliminate waste and inefficiencies that can occur at this level of operation. Success in the supply chain at the level of warehouse management can have a direct effect on the profitability of the business as a whole. 

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