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Preparing Your Warehouse for Peak Season — Start Now

Each year, warehouses face a massive surge in activity lasting several months due to holiday shoppers filling up online and physical shopping carts. This “peak season” typically begins in October and lasts until sometime in January, allowing for the high volume of post-holiday returns.

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Last-Mile Delivery: How It Impacts the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry

The ability of online sellers to efficiently deliver goods to customers has become an essential component of success. The supply chain, which involves the movement of products from manufacturers to warehouses to customers, is a dynamic and complex process that requires detailed planning and meticulous execution.

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Technology Trends and Innovations Shaping the Manufacturing Industry

From computers to cars, children’s toys to household products, nearly everything we use daily is produced by manufacturers. It’s not surprising that the manufacturing industry is considered one of the foundations of a thriving economy.


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The Role of AI in Warehousing and Distribution

New technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) have impacted most industries. Warehousing and distribution are no exception. AI’s development has revolutionized the logistics field in many ways, empowering businesses to optimize operations, enhance decision-making, and streamline processes. Here’s what you need to know about AI and its role in warehousing and distribution.

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Exploring Drone Implementation in the Warehouse Industry


The warehouse industry presents a huge opportunity for new technology solutions to boost productivity and provide businesses with competitive advantages. Many companies in this sector have been implementing solutions like robotics, RFID tags, and automated picking systems. Another innovation is warehouse drones.

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The History of Warehousing

Warehouses seem like a modern-day invention to hold goods before they are ready to be distributed or delivered to customers. But they aren’t that new at all. In fact, humans have been storing supplies for centuries. Here is a brief history of warehousing, including how we got to the modern-day version and its more advanced techniques.

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The Warehouse of the Future

Warehouses have been around for centuries. They’ve provided consistent support for human commerce and innovation. While the structure of a warehouse building hasn’t changed much, everything that goes on inside the building has shifted dramatically.

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How Inventory Management Technology Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Online sales have soared since the beginning of COVID-19, with consumers increasingly forgoing trips to the store in favor of easy ordering from home. That means eCommerce sellers and logistics companies need to operate more efficiently to keep pace with higher volume and a growing list of lofty expectations.

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The Importance of Customer Service in Supply Management

You may not be able to make a tanker ship move faster or source materials that have become scarce. These are factors that are sadly beyond your control. But your business’s commitment to customer service is something you do control. And it’s also a major differentiator in supply chain management.

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Five Warehouse Trends We See Coming in 2020

With the holidays now a month behind us, the big of pile returns finally processed, the financial books closed for 2019, and your planning for 2020 (hopefully) completed, it’s time to take a look at 2020 and share a few thoughts on what we see as some trends to expect you’ll hear about this year.

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