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Almost 20 years ago, we invented our first Powered Cart. Since then, we have relentlessly refined our products, making them ever-more productive, simpler to deploy and easier to use. In these two decades, a lot has changed—but our leadership in providing the very best productivity solutions has not. Never has, never will.



Like many great innovations, Newcastle began with tinkering in a basement. Our Founder and CEO John O'Kelly knew that real-time mobile access to data would make warehouse workers wildly more efficient – but how to do it?

A year of missed dinners and late nights yields our first Industrial Powered Cart, ready to revolutionize how warehouses and DCs do business. The design gets a few more tweaks, but already points to great things ahead.


But – not so fast. John isn't the first entrepreneur to find the world doesn't always catch on right away. He switches hats from inventor to explainer-in-chief, doggedly knocking (and knocking) on doors.

Eureka! A chance encounter at a trade show leads to a gigantic order from Staples. John's insight about the value of Powered Carts is validated, and a whole new industry is launched.


Employee #2, Christine Wheeler, comes aboard. Her job description? Marketing, accounting, purchasing, personnel, IT... the list of what she doesn't do is shorter. She embraces it all with her trademark competence and boundless energy.

Movin' on up. With orders piling up, Newcastle moves to larger digs in Woburn. John gets his basement back.

The now-perfected NB cart gets its first sibling – the larger PC – and Newcastle's commitment to non-stop innovation is firmly established. The PC is a hit.


Amazon picks up the phone. "Hello, Newcastle? Can we talk?" Um, yeah. They need more efficiency in receiving. We provide a solution Amazon says is "extremely easy to use," and we get our biggest order to date. Everybody's happy.


We add some critical new team members – and with orders growing by leaps and bounds, more space is needed. Again. Move number two lands Newcastle in a bigger production facility in Middleton, MA.


We engineer our first swappable power system, providing new levels of productivity for multi-shift operations...

... and then create a suite of standalone power systems to bring the benefits of power to customers with their own carts.

As the company grows, John emphasizes key core values to keep the company true to its mission. "To me, these are essential tenets of business. They're a big part of why I started Newcastle."


Kevin Ledversis joins the team as our first outside salesperson, bringing a new level of experience and success to sales – not to mention a great sense of humor. Under his leadership, sales (and the sales team) will grow many times over.

Newcastle embraces Lean Manufacturing. Not only does it align with Newcastle values, it cuts production time by 30% – and makes us better partners in our customers' quest to maximize their productivity.


Time to pack the moving truck again. We've outgrown our Middleton facility, and move to our current space in Haverhill, MA, almost tripling our square footage. (And we need every last one.)


It doesn't take a major milestone to appreciate what happens here every single day: a dedicated team of professionals, from management to manufacturing, working together with the single goal of making our customers' work easier and more productive.

In another industry first, we go all in on Lithium, and engineer a way-out-front industrial swappable power pack. Our Powerswap Nucleus® solution is so successful it literally redefines portable power, and we follow it with two more versions.


Our carts are already the most ergonomic available, but we take it a step further with the Apex – the cart for literally Every Body. On-the-fly adjustability means one cart can serve everyone equally well, across shifts or across facilities.


If you think we work our behinds off around here, you're exactly half right. Because we know a good time when we see one. Cornhole championships, river cruises, Duck tours, the Red Sox. Shown here: our Ugly Sweater Holiday Party. We're crushin' it, right? (Maybe a little too well.)


In our quest to help customers stamp out inefficiency, we create MotionMeter, Newcastle's first app. In just a few minutes, it enables customers to find and precisely measure wasted time in the workplace.


We don't have to tell you: Covid created unprecedented uncertainty. We pivot to highlight the social distancing that Powered Carts support, and promote our FH carts for healthcare testing sites. As Covid drives an explosion in e-commerce, demand for our solutions soars.


Newcastle is at the top of its game. Shipping to 34 countries, with double digit annual growth and a 100% committed team, we are the go-to source for Powered Cart and Mobile Power solutions. Stay tuned for more innovative thinking.


There are a few basic values that have proven to be remarkably good guides along the way, and we stick with them. They’ll tell you something about what it’s like to work with us.




We constantly learn from our customers. They’re at the center of everything we do, and their success is the most important measure of our own.




We are positive, passionate, and stubbornly solution-focused. We’re totally dedicated to making our customers more productive.




We relentlessly seek to improve processes and eliminate waste, so we can offer our customers the very best solutions and unmatched value.




We’re trustworthy, fair, and true to our promises. We treat every customer and team member with the highest level of professional respect.


We started Newcastle with a strong belief: Even when you are a “product company,” you’re always a “people company” first. We’re proud of our many technology innovations, for sure, but even prouder of the relationships we’ve built, based on our 100% commitment to making our customers’ work easier and more productive. That’s still what gets us up in the morning.


Whether you’re a long-time customer, or just considering a trial of one of our products, we consider you a part of the Newcastle family. To every one of you, from every one of us: We promise to do our very best to help you succeed, every single day.




We know that taking on new technology is never an easy choice. Will it perform as promised? In our case, our statistics are based on real-world testing. But we encourage you to reach out to any of our customers directly and ask them their experience. Our products really are that good.


If you’ve invested in practices like Lean Manufacturing, congratulations! We’re believers. But even efficient companies lose more to wasted time than they know. We offer MotionMeter, free app for finding efficiency leaks. Take MotionMeter for a test drive—you’re sure to gain invaluable insight about your operations.


And if you’re concerned about cost: it’s true, our products aren’t free. But they do pay for themselves, usually in under six months, and then deliver returns for years. (And years.) But to really nail down the financial case, try our ROI calculator. You’ll know exactly what your return will be.

The leader in Powered Carts and Portable Power Solutions.
With our first cart, we pioneered an industry. And with the unrivaled lineup we offer today, we’re still the go-to source for mobile productivity solutions—and still 100% focused on making it easy for you to be more productive. We hope you’ll reach out to learn more about what we can offer you.