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Our Readers Have Spoken: “Follow-Me” Technology’s Place in the Warehouse

Last week we shared with everyone a short video we made to demonstrate a new innovation in warehouse automation we are calling “Follow Me” (see it again here). It’s a drive engine mounted on one of our mobile-powered carts – but with a twist. Rather than start and stop using physical controls, the “Follow Me” feature enables the cart to follow the operator at their own pace, starting and stopping as they do. We were drawn to looking deeper into this because of the potential for hands-free applications, especially for picking in conjunction with a voice-collection system or for other tasks like inventory or inspection and maintenance.

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How to Get the Most from Your Mobile Powered Cart

After thirteen years pioneering the mobile power workstation, we have seen our mobile powered carts deployed in places we never imagined or accessorized in ways our engineers would not have dreamed of. We have also seen many of them doing the same exact thing they were doing when they were first purchased over a decade ago – reliably, faithfully and without fail every day.

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Where Mobile Powered Solutions Reduce Footsteps

Mobile Powered Solutions reduce footsteps and errors in typical warehouse and factory floor applications that use PC’s, laptops, printers, scales, etc.

Your operation may look something like this as people
walk from Point A to Point B

As you can see, this is unproductive and wasteful considering how new technology can eliminate those wasted steps. A lean consultant will point out alternatives, one being a mobile workstation with portable power.

Our mobile label printing station with portable power in action: 

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NEW - We Now Ship Mobile Powered Workstations Fully Assembled

The latest news from Newcastle Systems includes "No assembly required".  We have improved the delivery process by assembling the workstations in our manufacturing plant and packaging them for you to unpack in minutes. You can easily have the mobile workstation with portable power unpacked and rolling in minutes. We have assembly manuals, but soon they will become obsolete.

We have a video to show you how fast and easy it is to get your mobile workstation to work:

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Overcome Productivity Challenges in the Workplace with New Technology

With new technology available, “productivity challenges" no longer need to be so.  As you evaluate your work spaces, watch for these seven typical workplace “productivity challenge” scenarios:

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The Optimum Mobile Powered Workstation Carts for Shipping and Receiving

A mobile powered workstation cart is a technology that works in your favor. It enables automatic ID transactions to be completely mobile. This saves on the cost of movement required for printing labels since this is easily done anywhere in your business premises. This wireless technology integrates power supply and then maneuvers computers, printers and scanners wherever they are. When you capitalize on the auto-id technologies, you are able to establish mobile on-demand label printing stations and mobile shipping/receiving stations.

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