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Understanding the Benefits of Heavy-Duty Mobile Computer Carts

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Heavy Duty PC Series Mobile Powered Workstations

If you’re in manufacturing, warehousing, medical, or retail industries you’re likely always looking for ways to improve efficiency and workflow. We always think so far outside the box that we fail to think about the little activities our employees undergo every single day.

Mobile computer workstation carts are a perfect example of this. Investing in a high-quality mobile PC station allows your employees to move swiftly through their workday without having to leave their station no matter what task they have to complete. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the main benefits of mobile computer carts and why you may want to get some for your employees.

The 5 Benefits of a Mobile Computer Workstation Cart

Mobile computer carts let employees take their tech on the road, and that mobility fuels major benefits for many industries. Let’s look at some of the specific upsides:

1. Everything in One Place

Imagine wheels under that desktop tower and monitor. Now staff can roll the computer right to where it's needed - a patient room, assembly line, loading dock, you name it. No more hiking back and forth between fixed workstations. Everything's close at hand to get jobs done faster.

This not only improves performance and productivity but helps reduce employee frustration too when they know something is taking longer than it should because of wasted time.

2. Better Ergonomics

Mobile carts allow users to raise or lower the mobile workstation desk to suit their height and seating position. Adjustable carts fit users of all sizes for comfort whether sitting or standing. No more hunching over a low screen or reaching up to one that's too high.

Proper positioning helps avoid neck, shoulder and eye fatigue. Less bodily wear and tear means fewer injuries.

3. Better Efficiency

You’ll be surprised how a mobile work station cart can save time and improve efficiency. By being able to wheel all their work around the entire operation, they no longer have to worry about forgetting something and having to go back to get it.

4. Less Bending and Twisting

Mobile carts eliminate the need to bend down to pick items off the floor or twist to grab tools off of shelves. The CPU cabinet provides storage space for frequently used items. This reduces spinal stress and discomfort.

Best of all, our mobile computer carts allow employees to print whatever they need and the drawers ensure they have everything they need at a comfortable level so there is less bending, twisting, and reaching.

5. Promoting a Safer Environment

Medications, equipment and confidential info need protection. Lockable cabinets on mobile workstation carts allow secure storage right where it's required. The cart itself can also be locked down to prevent wandering off or theft. Safety and asset security - check.

How to Make the Most of Your Mobile Computer Stand

Here’s how you make the most of your mobile computer workstation:

  • Train employees on ergonomic cart height adjustment and safe movement.
  • Store tools/materials needed for the job inside the cart cabinet.
  • Set the brake when the cart is stationed to prevent rolling.
  • Lock the wheeled casters after moving to secure the unit.
  • Choose high-quality casters suited for your flooring type.

Final Thoughts

With training on careful movement and ergonomic adjustment, staff will quickly embrace the new flexibility of mobile tech. And you'll see operations energized by the freedom to compute wherever it does the most good.

Our mobile computer carts at Newcastle Systems will really put your business in motion. Click here to learn more and shop today!

Overview Brochure: PC Series Heavy-Duty Powered Carts

Popular Applications

Manufacturing/Shop Floor

  • Raw materials receiving
  • Quality testing
  • Finished goods labeling


  • Incoming inspection & labeling
  • Inventory control / cycle counting
  • Pick & pack fulfillment station
  • Outbound labeling

Retail Floor

  • Shelf labeling, tag & inkjet or laser sign printing
  • Inventory management
  • Mobile point of sale station
  • Portable power station for garden centers, sidewalk sales, concerts & more

Typical Productivity Gains

  75% Reduction in Overtime
  63% Increase in Receiving Volume
  90% Reduction in Labeling Errors 
  $7,500+ Reduction in Labor Costs per Operator 
  Significant Improvement in Inventory Accuracy 
  ROI in 4-6 Months 


Power & Run Time

Model number represents the configured power system to handle your power requirements.

Typical Devices Powered for 8+ Hours

Recommended Model Configurations
(30"/48" Shelf Length)

Laptop/thin client, LCD, small thermal printer & scanner icon-laptop-1 icon-sm-printer-1 icon-scanner
Laptop/thin client, LCD, industrial thermal printer & scanner icon-laptop-1 icon-lg-printer-1 icon-scanner
Desktop computer, LCD, industrial thermal printer & scanner  icon-desktop-1 icon-lg-printer-1 icon-scanner
Desktop computer, LCD & laser printer icon-desktop-1    icon-laser-printer
Desktop computer, LCD, industrial thermal printer, laser printer & scanner icon-desktop-1 icon-lg-printer-1 icon-laser-printer  icon-scanner

ROI Calculator

Use Newcastle Systems' ROI Calculator to calculate potential savings when you eliminate unnecessary walking to and from a static computer, high-volume printer or other electronic equipment used in your work process. --- Adjust the values below to better reflect values for your company.

Technical Data/Configurations

All PC Series Mobile Powered Workstations listed below come standard with (one) adjustable height shelf, 6" locking casters, push handles, integrated power strip (excluding non-powered units), trash can & holder.

Model number represents the configured power system to handle your power requirements. 

 Lithium Iron Phosphate 

Continuous Output Power (W) Surge Power Battery Bank (Wh) Charge Time (Hrs) Operating Temp. Range (F)
PC490NU2/495 120 (1 battery) / 240 (2 batteries) 550 / 825 460 / 920 4 - 5  50-104°
PC490NU4/495 240 825 920 4 - 5  50-104° 
PC510-LI/550-LI 1000 2000 960 4.5  50-95° 
PC520-LI/554-LI 1000 2000 1600 7.5 50-95° 
PC536-LI/556-LI 2000 (Pure Sine) 4000 1600 4 50-95° 
PC542-LI/562-LI 2000 (Pure Sine) 4000 2560 6 50-95° 


Sealed Lead Acid 

Continuous Output Power (W) Surge Power Battery Bank (Wh) Charge Time (Hrs) Operating Temp. Range (F)
PC510/550 1000 2000 1200 5 32-104° 
PC520/554 1000 2000 2400 10 32-104° 
PC536/556 2000 (Pure Sine) 4000 2400 6 -4-104°

2000 (Pure Sine)

4000 3600 8 -4-104° 



Continuous Output Power (W) Surge Power Battery Bank (Wh) Charge Time (Hrs) Operating Temp. Range (F)
PC490/495 NA NA NA NA NA



Overview Brochure: PC Series Heavy-Duty Powered Carts