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PSNU-RM Remote Battery Meter
For PowerSwap Nucleus® Classic Lithium Power System

Get to Know Your Nucleus Lithium Batteries Inside & Out...

Our new PSNU-RM Remote Battery Meter designed exclusively for any new PowerSwap Nucleus® Classic Lithium Power System is an advanced monitoring unit that accurately measures and displays your battery's remaining runtime in an easy-to-read format that can be viewed up to 50 feet away.

At the press of a button, a second display provides more detailed battery data that includes state of health (SoC), # of cycles, temperature levels, date of manufacture, and more.


Outstanding benefits

  • Get real-time battery data like state of health (SOH), state of charge (SOC), and number of battery cycles

  • Accessible, accurate, and easy to read up to 50 feet away

  • Precisely monitors 1 or 2 batteries

Technical Data

PSNU-RM Dimensions:

4.25” W x 2.75” D x 0.95” H 

(108 x 69.9 x 24 mm) 

PSNU-RM Mounting:

Mounts at top of  NB Series or PC Series mast

Can also be mounted anywhere by drilling (3) holes ("to-scale" hole drilling template included with meter)

Also includes a 7 ft. cable to connect to Newcastle's PWD2C Power Dock


Please note:  PSNU-RM Remote Battery Meter must be purchased with PWD2C PowerDock Station.


Data Sheet: PSNU-RM Remote Battery Meter

Quick Start Guide: PSNU-RM Remote Battery Meter