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Symptoms of an Inefficient Warehouse and How to Fix Them

Running an inefficient warehouse is a costly mistake no growth-focused business should endure. Unlike an under-performing salesperson or a poor quality product, the signs of an inefficient warehouse aren't immediately noticeable. When a salesperson consistently doesn't meet their sales targets, you know it is time to cut your losses.

When the returns of a product closely match its sales, you know you have a problem product on your hands. But how do you know when your warehouse is being run inefficiently? What are the symptoms of a warehouse in distress and how do you remedy those problem areas? If any of the following five symptoms are present in your warehouse, you just might have a problem on your hands.

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How Agile Manufacturing Helps Companies Compete

Agile manufacturing is a useful title under which a combination of methods and technologies are based. An agile paradigm in manufacturing is usually adopted to improve productivity and customer satisfaction, and thereby gain a competitive edge against non-agile manufacturers.

Agility is defined by quick and well-coordinated movements with a sense of adaptability and versatility. An agile manufacturing process allows businesses to respond with flexibility to customer needs as market conditions change, and to control their desired output while maintaining product quality and minimizing costs.

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