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5 Tools Everyone with Portable Power Systems Should Be Using

Portable power systems can help warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail stores and even open-floor plan offices keep workers more productive by giving them the technology they need when and where they need it. Like the way that wireless networking has freed workers from the need to be close to an Ethernet jack, portable power frees workers who need more than just a few hours of computer up-time at a time from the wall outlet. While the transition to portable power systems can be a quantum leap in and of itself, it is only a first step. The right tools can help any company gain all of the benefits that wireless operation have to offer.

How Manufacturing Business Decision-Makers Improve Efficiencies

The manufacturing sector has changed—bringing both opportunities and challenges. Neither business leaders nor policy makers can rely on old responses in the new manufacturing environment. 

Topics: Productivity Manufacturing

What does it mean to be Lean Six Sigma? [infographic]

The purpose of Lean is to deliver value to customers by removing all waste, overburden and variation from processes.   The first step is to create a Lean culture . . . and then continuously improve processes to exceed customer expectations. A true lean culture is when the first question is always why (purpose) and then what (action) so problems are solved by everyone (people).

Topics: Mobile Workstation Lean Manufacturing

Newcastle Systems is going to NRF's "Big Show 2014" in New York City

Did you know Newcastle Systems Carts are used by nearly a dozen of America's largest national retailers?  Visit us at National Retail Federation's Big Show 2014 to learn how they have used the mobile carts with power to improve efficiency and move their workplace.

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