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The Order Picker Job Description from A to Z

As a forward-thinking manager at a warehouse, a distribution center, or in a manufacturing plant, you know the importance of orchestrating, sustaining, and leading a state-of-the-art work environment for your team, your vendors, and your customers. You strive to create a system that is not only well-organized and highly-efficient, but also safe and waste-free. While there are lots of variables that contribute to creating such an operation, one integral factor directly contributing to the success (or demise) of your facility is the work ethic of your order pickers.

From A to Z, here’s a look at the order picker job description: the ideal qualities, characteristics, and skills of top-of-the-line order pickers:    

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How an Order Picker May be the Most Important Person in a Warehouse

At the heart of a warehouse is the order picker who facilitates the transition of products in storage to move them on to eager buyers. Because they are at the very hub of the process, it is reasonable to say the order picker may be the most important person in a warehouse.

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Mobile Technology Study 2014 - Highlights

VSR’s second annual Mobile Technology Study takes an exhaustive look at mobility to help resellers make informed choices. The research covers mobile investment by vertical and by application type. Results confirm that most solution providers are adding mobile technology to their portfolio — two-thirds feel pressure to invest in mobile, and more than 90% will offer mobile solutions within a year. The results also underscore that form-factor and OS will ultimately be decided by what the end user wants. 

VSR Magazine connected with people in July via Twitter and Survey Monkey to leave no stone unturned when gathering data:

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Portable Printer Carts for the High Volume Warehouse

An expansive facility dedicated to shipping and receiving, warehousing, or order fulfillment and distribution continuously looks for ways to improve efficiency and productivity.  Positive improvements in these areas can start small and expand outward like ripples in a pond. 

For companies with warehouse operations at the core, dramatic improvements to efficiency and productivity of the workforce happen by adding portable printer carts.  When the carts include portable power supplies, the staff celebrates and productivity can improve 50%.

Rather than having lists, labels, order picks, and inventory data produced at a stationary printing location, the staff works while on the move which reduces unnecessary downtime eliminating wasted steps.

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