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Use our Mobile Shipping Stations to optimize your outbound process — and get higher productivity without higher headcount.


Our Mobile Shipping Solutions provide everything your workers need to maximize their productivity—so they can get twice as much done per shift, with far fewer errors. No infrastructure, training or buildout needed. 
Increase productivity, not headcount


On the shipping dock, there’s no room for errors or wasted time. Eliminate both when you use our powered carts to scan and print right at the pallet. They provide everything your workers need so they don’t have to run off to the label or packing slip printers. There’s no easier way to boost outbound productivity.




    Improve efficiency with our Mobile Shipping Carts

    Your warehouse is buzzing with activity as orders flood in. Your shipping team is hustling, but they're bogged down by manual processes, running back and forth to label printers and computer stations. Errors creep in, productivity lags, and you wonder if there's a better way.

    This is where our warehouse packing stations come in. No more wasted steps, no more frustrating mix-ups. Just scan, print, and ship, quick as can be.

    Having everything employees need right at their fingertips allows them to crank through orders faster than ever before.

    These carts are a snap to implement. No complicated training, no infrastructure overhauls. Just unbox, power up, and watch your shipping productivity soar.


    Create a Process Driven Facility

    When you equip your team with Mobile Shipping Stations, you’re not handing them a tool, you’re improving their entire process and making an impact on their everyday life.

    By enabling your shippers to perform all their tasks – scanning, labeling, printing – right at the point of activity, you eliminate wasteful back-and-forth and create a linear, streamlined process flow.

    This mobile, on-the-spot functionality means your team can follow a standardized procedure for every single order, reducing the risk of skipped steps or human errors. Plus, with the cart's intuitive design and user-friendly technology, your team can get up to speed in no time, ensuring that your new process is adopted quickly and consistently.

    The result? A shipping dock that runs like a well-oiled machine, cranking out orders with precision and speed.

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    Our Mobile Shipping Stations are available in a variety of configurations to suit your exact requirements.

    Every one of them comes as a turnkey solution with everything you need to ensure a lean, error-free outbound labeling process.




    Our most economical
    all-in-one solution for
    basic tasks and smaller
    equipment profiles

    Offering exceptional value and versatility for most applications

    Potent power supports a larger equipment profile, including laser printers


    • Laptop

    • Zebra ZT231 label printer

    • Zebra DS3608 scanner

    • Epson WF-M5299 inkjet printer

    • Laptop
    • Zebra ZT231 label printer
    • Zebra DS3678 scanner
    • Epson WF-M5299 inkjet printer
    • Laptop
    • Zebra ZT510 label printer
    • Zebra DS3678 scanner
    • Laser printer



    PC510 cart
    1200WH Sealed
    Lead Acid battery
    PC490NU2 (30”) or
    PC495NU2 (48”) cart
    PowerSwap Nucleus
    Lithium swappable battery
    system for multi-shift or
    24/7 operation
    PC542-LI (30”) or
    PC562-LI (48”) cart
    Puresine Power package with
    2650WH fixed
    Lithium battery


    6-8 months

    About 8 months Under 12 months


    Our solutions are known for phenomenal ROI. In fact, you may never make another purchase that pays for itself so quickly and predictably. But to really nail down your particular financial case, try our ROI calculator. We guarantee you’ll be surprised.

    The Leader in Powered Carts and Portable Power Solutions.

    With our first pack and ship cart, we pioneered an industry. And with the unrivaled lineup we offer today, we’re still the go-to source for mobile productivity solutions—and still 100% focused on making it easy for you to be more productive.


    At Newcastle Systems, we are committed to helping industrial environments work more efficiently, ergonomically, and effectively. We want to help you with our warehouse workstations.


    We hope you’ll reach out to learn more about what we can offer you and how we can make a difference on your shipping dock.