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all-in-one solution: mobile shipping stations

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ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION: Mobile Shipping Stations

Ensure Shipments Get Out the Door Fast & Accurately Labeled.

Replacing stationary desks with an All-In-One Mobile Shipping Station will significantly impact your efficiency by eliminating costly footsteps, reducing worker fatigue, improving labeling accuracy, while ensuring shipments get out the door faster.

This complete turn-key solution is packaged with all the hardware needed to ensure a lean, robust outbound labeling process while keeping your workers a safe distance apart.  

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This new all-in-one mobile station is sold exclusively through our Select Reselling Partners.

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Before & After Mobile Shipping Stations 
Eliminate costly motion to static hardware 
& improve labeling accuracy by 90%


All-in-One Shipping On-time Shipments

Typical Productivity Gains

Instead of walking back and forth from a deskbound computer to printers,  all necessary hardware can be brought to where the work is taking place.  Quantifiable gains include:

  5 to 10 Hours Gained per Worker (weekly)
  90% Reduction in Labeling Errors 
  Safety: Ensure 6 to 10' Work Distances
  50% Increase in Overall Worker Productivity 
  ROI in about 6 months


Popular System Configurations

All Mobile Shipping Stations are configured to provide 8+ hours of run time or a 24/7 operation.
Popular "All-in-One" Configurations




Data Sheet: All-in-One Shipping Station

Download: Mobile Workstations for All-in-One Performance