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Maximizing Manufacturing Floor Space with Your Current Footprint

Most manufacturing businesses would agree that space is always a limited resource. Even when you have a large footprint, you’ll undoubtedly fill it up quickly. But is the space on your production floor optimized? If your manufacturing or production floor is running short on space, there are ways to rethink your setup and your operations to win back some valuable square footage.


Topics: Mobile Powered Workstation Carts Automation warehouse design

Rethinking Reverse Logistics in the Supply Chain

Increasing online sales also means an increase in the importance of reverse logistics. According to Deloitte, online purchases are being returned three times more often than purchases made at physical stores. This unprecedented level of consumer returns poses many challenges for businesses and the supply chain. 

As return rates skyrocket, sellers must rethink how they approach their processes. Retailers can save significantly on the costs of handling all these returns–if they prioritize streamlining their reverse logistics processes.


Topics: Cost Reduction Automation RFID Reverse Logistics

The Top Inventory Management Trends of 2024

Emerging inventory management trends are redefining operations, and everything from AI to RFID to the Internet of Things is changing inventory management and tracking. Learn about print-on-demand, warehouse automation, cloud-based management, and omnichannel inventory control, and discover how to supercharge your inventory management practices.


Topics: Inventory Control Automation RFID Warehouse Efficiency

Is the “Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store” Trend Here to Stay?

US shoppers spent approximately $95.9 billion on click-and-collect purchases in 2022--and this trend is only expected to grow. By 2027, this figure is expected to grow to $703.2 billion. Almost two-thirds of US retail stores are offering “BOPIS” options--discover why customers are taking to this trend so strongly and learn what tools you need to make it work.

Topics: Mobile Powered Workstation Carts ECommerce RFID Warehouse Efficiency

A Modern Look at Queue Busting

Especially during busy periods and holiday surges, retailers are finding new ways to cut down on wait times to maintain customer relationships and provide better customer service—and it all comes down to line busting. Mobile printers and powered retail carts are making all the difference, allowing customers to pay from anywhere and banish long lines forever.

Topics: Mobile Powered Workstation Carts Retail Process Improvement Automation

Common Quality Control Issues (And How to Avoid Them)

Issues with safety or quality are all too common, thanks in large part to giving QC professionals too many manual tasks, not giving them the support they need, or facing workflow challenges. Discover how to circumvent these issues with automated processes, better operational processes, and more.

Topics: Process Improvement Automation Quality Control

Tackling Labeling Mistakes in Production and Fulfillment

Labeling mistakes in production and fulfillment is a huge issue that can cost an organization significant time and money. Whether your business approaches labeling manually or using automated methods, there could be weaknesses in the processes that have ripple effects throughout the supply chain. Here are some of the top challenges businesses face with labeling and how they can address them using some simple solutions.

Topics: Labeling RFID Order Fulfillment

Rethinking eCommerce With Microfufillment

Micro-fulfillment models are changing the game for online retailers and customers alike, removing the need to ship orders across states and instead fulfilling orders right in the customer’s area. This can sometimes shorten fulfillment times to just a few hours.

Topics: Distribution Center Retail Cost Reduction Order Fulfillment

How Mobile Workstations Are Shaping Grocery Retail

Grocery stores provide an essential service, one that isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. After all, everyone needs to eat. But how those services are delivered and the way grocery retail outlets operate is changing dramatically.

Topics: Mobile Workstation Retail Automation RFID

Adapting Together — Harnessing Automation for the Aging Workforce’s Success

As the average age of employees in the workforce increases, so does the need for more automation options to adapt to the needs of those employees. Data from various studies and real-life experience reveals compelling insights about how robots are becoming integral in addressing labor shortages and reshaping industries.

Topics: Process Improvement Automation Warehouse Efficiency