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Portable Powered Workstations - Bring the Future Now to Your Workplace

Looking Beyond the Challenges of Innovation and Change

“Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments.” -Tesla

Bring the Future Now to Your Workplace_Tesla


In today’s consumer economy, warehouses face challenges from e-commerce that the old brick-and-mortar conventions never had. The need for faster and more efficient processes is ever present, as companies explore better ways to pull product to consumers -not just retailers.

For this reason, forward thinking companies are turning to new technologies, including industrial portable powered workstations, to help smooth and streamline operations.

As you consider and weigh the challenges of bringing innovation into your warehouse or distribution center, keep in mind that the concerns in outlay brought about by change, can often be balanced and may be the very things that are improved by bringing advances through change. Let us look at three scenarios that might be keeping you and your distribution center from moving forward with innovation.


Change and The Need to Train Employees

While the use of technology has greatly improved warehouse efficiency, if you are faced with training current employees, as well as temporary seasonal hires, you are wise to consider the cost of bringing in that technology. However, while some technology changes come with a steep learning curve and thus arduous instructing, there is no need for training when implementing portable powered workstations.

These mobile and conveniently powered workstations are easy and intuitive to use with little or no instruction needed. For example, you can simply bring a workstation to the point of labeling and print labels on the spot, or you can scan incoming pallets to automatically reconcile the shipment with purchase orders, all with the availability of portable convenience.

Change and The Chaos That Ensues

Agility or the ability to process change quickly and easily is vital in maintaining fluid operations and efficiency in today’s market. In most warehouses, change is a constant causing chaos and disorganization. But, what happens when you are the one thinking of introducing that change? Will you lose the very thing you desire to improve, productivity?

By implementing industrial portable powered workstations, you will find that you do not need to make any major changes to software, processes, or infrastructure. In fact, each workstation can be custom configured to deliver the exact and precise results for the particular environment, making them easily integrated.


Change and Fear of The Unknown - Employee Morale

For the most part, people don’t like change and the ensuing fear of the unknown. New technologies can certainly cause anxiety and trepidation that might lead you to choose to stay in the past instead of moving forward.


Keeping in mind that portable powered workstations are, for the most part, un-intimidating and versatile, you can astutely consider moving beyond established methods. Integrating moveable powered workstations into the warehouse will undoubtedly boost morale, as your employees will be able to work more efficiently, precisely, and safely.

In addition, consider implementing an employee incentive program when applying innovation to your warehouse. This will highlight their new productivity, which is certain to follow, and further improve employee morale.

Take a hold of the future now and gain your competitive edge with portable powered workstations. 


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