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Turn 6 Minutes into $5,000 and Make Employees Happy [infographic]

Eliminate waste Turn 6 Minutes into $5000 and Make Employees Happy top
Business with warehousing, shipping, inventory control systems and facilities have heard of Lean Manufacturing systems, 5S Methodology and the 7 types of wastes. 5S is a way of thinking and philosophy focused on creating a well-managed and organized workspace by eliminating wastes – one of which is motion.

How Much Time… and Money Do Your Employees WASTE Walking Back and Forth?

If you have a particular amount of time in mind – think again. Chances are the actual time and resources wasted is much more.

To get better picture of what’s really going on inside these warehouses, take a look at this infographic.  

Note:  The infographic highlights the size and complexity of the issue but you will find the distribution centers shown in the infographic very aware and making constant improvements to eliminate waste with new processes and technology.

Eliminate waste Turn 6 Minutes into $5000 and Make Employees Happy

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