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Newcastle Systems' Powered Industrial Carts are proven to dramatically increase productivity in businesses like yours. Find your solution in our new Product Overview.


When your workers are walking, you’re losing money. Endless trips to the printer, to enter data, or collect parts add up fast. Our carts provide complete mobile worksites that keep workers on high-value tasks, often doubling their output. Thousands of installations prove that Newcastle customers get more done and save money.

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Five reasons to love our carts:

Dock-to-Stock Icon

1. Faster Dock-to-Stock
Reduce cycle times by up to 60%, for more capacity with the same resources. (Cha-ching.)

Trimmed Payroll Icon

2. Trimmed Payroll
Get higher throughput in fewer hours, and up to 75% less overtime.

End of Mislabeling Icon

3. The End of Mislabeling
Mislabeling is crazy expensive—and pretty much eliminated when you input, print and apply at the pallet. Easy with a cart.

Untethered Workforce Icon

4. Untethered Workforce
Paying workers to wear out their shoes? A cart will have them adding value instead. Watch their satisfaction grow along with their productivity.

Fast ROI Icon

5. Small Footprint, Big Return
Carts deliver huge gains without infrastructure or software changes. You won’t find a better cost/benefit equation, with predictable 6-month ROI and a lifetime of rewards.