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The Order Picker Job Description from A to Z


As a forward-thinking manager at a warehouse, a distribution center, or in a manufacturing plant, you know the importance of orchestrating, sustaining, and leading a state-of-the-art work environment for your team, your vendors, and your customers. You strive to create a system that is not only well-organized and highly-efficient, but also safe and waste-free. While there are lots of variables that contribute to creating such an operation, one integral factor directly contributing to the success (or demise) of your facility is the work ethic of your order pickers.

From A to Z, here’s a look at the order picker job description: the ideal qualities, characteristics, and skills of top-of-the-line order pickers:    

AstuteFor starters, order pickers are Astute individuals;
they’re smart, sharp, and clever. They can readily
identify potential problems and respectively make
recommendations that streamline processes
and increase safety measures.


BestThey understand and adhere to Best practices;
great order pickers acknowledge
the importance of adhering to
established procedures
and protocols.


Customer-centricBeing Customer-centric,
order pickers know that providing
exceptional service requires the
ability to put an order together
correctly, quickly, and carefully
– the first time.


DependabilityAn order picker job description of course includes Dependability; 
with new orders constantly needed to be
sent out while new inventory is being delivered
to your warehouse, it’s imperative that you can depend
on your order pickers to be at work, to be on time,
and to be 100% focused on the job before them.

EfficientThey’re Efficient.
Your best order pickers will save you
time and money by performing their
job in a logical, well-organized manner
without wasting steps or needlessly back tracking.



Ideal order pickers are Flexible.
They understand that even midway
through an order, things can change.
An order can get canceled, increased,
or downsized. It’s part of their job,
so it’s no big frustrating deal when it happens.


GratefulWhile it may not be typically found in the average
order picker job description, they’re Grateful.
They’re appreciative of the opportunity to work
on Mobile Workplace Stations and other
state-of-the-art equipment that enables
them to work safer and smarter.



Order pickers are Helpful.
They not only see when others
are in need, but also don’t hesitate
to help out their colleagues
without being asked.


IntuitiveBeing Intuitive is often an overlooked 
requirement found in an order picker job description,
but a necessary one nonetheless. Good order pickers 
are instinctual, spontaneous, and naturals at what they do.
While paying attention to the details of their job, they still 
can see the big picture and how their role is an integral part of that.


JudiciousThey’re careful, cautions, and Judicious.
Working in a warehouse, a distribution center,
or a manufacturing plant can be physically dangerous.
Exceptional order pickers acknowledge this and work
wisely to ensure their own safety and the safety of
their team members.

KnowledgeableWhile it’s not uncommon to hire individuals for order picker
roles who are new to the industry, with proper training
they soon become quite Knowledgeable
and are able to mentor and
assist other new employees.

LearningYou want order pickers who embrace opportunities
for continuous Learning. When you convert their
stationary workplace to a mobile one,
you want a team of order pickers who
will be excited and open to learn the new system.

ManagementGreat order pickers understand inventory Management;
they not only know the significance of storing, tracking,
picking, and shipping orders correctly,
but also the repercussions to the overall
system and company when
inventory is mismanaged.

NeatnessNeatness (still) counts. 
From placing picked products carefully in position to be shipped,
returning previously-picked inventory to its proper location
when necessary, and keeping legible and accurate records,
to having a clean uniform and appearance,
the best order pickers are neat.

OperateA common component of an order picker job description
is the ability to Operate forklifts, mobile workplace systems,
and/or mobile powered computers.  In this high-tech century,
order pickers must confidently be able to learn how to use any/all resources and equipment you’ve invested in to help them perform their jobs more efficiently and safely.

PatiencePatience is (still) a virtue. 
From embracing new procedures and mentoring
new staff members, to locating the correct item
needed to complete an order, exceptional order pickers
are patient. They don’t lose their tempers, get easily frustrated,
or make mountains out of molehills.

Quality-orientedOrder pickers that stand out from the rest are Quality-oriented
Being able to perform their job quickly while still maintaining
quality standards every step of the way easily differentiates
mediocre order pickers from exceptional ones. 
Their work is correct, complete, neat, and done on-time.


ResourcefulPhenomenal order pickers don’t give up, get frustrated,
or sit back and wait for someone else to do their job or
solve a problem. They’re Resourceful; they’re problem-solvers.
If one order can’t be completed within their control, they’ll
embrace that time to get something else done or to help
a colleague. They don’t waste time, opportunities, or resources.

Safety-consciousDowntime can happen in your facility’s workflow when there’s an accident; worker’s compensation expenses can increase when someone on your team gets injured. Focused order pickers are Safety-conscious. They don’t want to get hurt and they don’t want to hurt anyone else.  They know that in their workplace there’s lots of potential ways accidents can happen; however they also acknowledge that being alert and thinking proactively significantly helps eliminate


While order pickers are often out and about on their own in your warehouse setting, they understand that they’re an integral member of a team working collaboratively to get a job done. While their individual efforts mean a lot, their ability to communicate and get along with others means even more.

UndauntedConfident order pickers are Undaunted by the task at hand.
In a huge facility with lots of high-tech equipment,
multi-tier shelving, and seemingly-endless rows of items,
good order pickers see it all as a challenge worth embarking
upon, not as a task to be intimated by.

VolunteerThey Volunteer.
When one job is done, amazing order pickers
don’t sit around texting, smoking,
or wasting time.
They volunteer to help
and be of service to others.

Well-organizedAn order picker job description always
includes the adjective: Well-organized
From thinking in an organized manner to ever
striving to keep the workplace organized, impressive
order pickers thrive on creating, contributing to,
and maintaining a highly-efficient and organized setting.

XericUnderstanding of the need to maintain a Xeric environment.
From beverage spills and hazardous chemical leaks to
rainstorms or building floods,  intuitive order pickers
know their facility and all its inventory must be kept
dry and completely free from dampness and moisture
getting in that could damage products.

YearningProfessional order pickers have a Yearning to learn more.
They’re solution-focused do-ers who want to know everything about their role and how their job contributes to the success of the overall customer service process. As a result, they readily embrace every opportunity to learn new systems, enroll in all the safety and operational classes you offer, and shadow long-time order pickers to learn the things only a career professional can share.

Zero-toleranceThe absolute best order pickers you can employ
are those who have a Zero-tolerance for anything that
will deter their ability to do their job better than anyone else.
They don’t do drugs; they don’t come to work late, hung-over,
or with a thousand other things on their mind.  They take pride in their work, do their job joyfully, and expect the same of others.

There you have it. Your ideal order picker job description from A to Z.  Whether you find this order picker gem during your employment screening process,you help to develop one (or more) in the workplace, or you suddenly realize you have had some already loyally employed with you for years ~ acknowledge them, reward them, and thank them. Without great order pickers, your facility could not possibly continue to profit and excel for any significant length of time; they're a big part of the foundation of your company's success.

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