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Eliminating Hidden Downtime in the Warehouse with Mobile Workstations


One of your primary concerns may be the reduction of unnecessary downtime your company experiences on a daily basis.  This downtime may often go unnoticed, resulting in expenses and losses you are unable to account for or eliminate because you aren’t aware of the loss.  While hidden downtime can be costly to your company in many ways, did you know you can actually make changes to the workplace that will substantially reduce, if not entirely eliminate, this downtime altogether?

What is Hidden Downtime?

When employees have workstations which are part of an office structure, such as a stationary workstation built into a wall or a corner in the warehouse, employees are truly productive only when they are at their workstation. 

Hidden downtime is the time lost when employees leave their workstations to carry out tasks in other parts of the office, building or warehouse.  Whether they are walking from one place to another for printing documents, making copies, delivering reports or products, obtaining approvals, fetching supplies, or heading to a different area to continue their routine tasks, the time they spend away from their workstation is time spent engaged in largely unproductive activities.

How Does Downtime Impact Your Company?

Downtime of any kind has an impact on your company with the most obvious resulting in a less productive employee.  The effect moves outward from that employee like ripples in a pond where co-workers can be influenced and too suffer from a decrease in productivity, client relations can suffer with slow delivery, production lines themselves can grind to a halt, and the end result is a loss of profit for the company in millions of dollars. 

A few minutes of downtime here or there will add up to hours and days and even weeks, and in the span of a few years your company can incur financial losses as a result of downtime that are exorbitant.  The good news is that those losses are completely avoidable.

How Can Your Reduce or Eliminate Downtime?

When your employees can take their work with them as they move to different areas of your office, warehouse, or building, they can cut down on the time they spend wasting steps from point to point.  Mobile workstations with portable power are a fantastic innovation for workplaces who want to reduce downtime for employees as they are on the move from one area to another frequently.  They are also perfect for companies who have smaller workplaces and unable to accommodate cubicles and offices without taking away a large section of space needed for more productive aspects of the business.

Also known as stand-up workstations, they are essentially industrial carts with all the tools and power an employee needs to do their job on the go.  The industrial carts can be outfitted with any number of tools and utilities, based upon the needs of the individual employee, and they can be powered on the cart with a self-contained power supply, which gives them complete freedom of movement.  Small in size and easy to maneuver, they can literally go anywhere, allowing your employees to take their work with them.

Other Ways to Benefit from Mobile Workstations

Not only do mobile workstations allow you to dramatically reduce downtime, they have other benefits to your company.  Overtime is often a costly expense for companies, and it is sometimes viewed as a necessary evil because employees have to work extra hours to get critical tasks completed.  When your employees are reducing downtime, they are also reducing the need for overtime because they are remaining productive longer during their regularly scheduled work day.

Industrial carts with built-in portable power acting as mobile workstations can also be used to facilitate processes in your warehouse, such as shipping and receiving, inventory, order picking, and other tasks.  They can improve this type of productivity just as significantly as they can cut downtime and overtime.  This type of workstation is not limited to one particular industry or use, however.  They can be tailored to fit any desired size or need, and the applications range from healthcare to warehouse operations.

Integrating these types of industrial carts into the workplace requires very little in the way of changes to a company's current operations, and they can be implemented quickly and easily with an immediate improvement in productivity.

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