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Eliminate Costly Waste in the Warehouse with Mobile Power Technology - Video

In case you weren't able to attend Modex 2016 you can still listen to Newcastle's presentation "Opening New Frontiers in Efficiency and and Productivity With Mobile Power". 

It’s easy to underestimate how much excess worker motion, product transportation, touches, etc. can cost an organization. Bringing Mobile Power Technology into the receiving, picking, shipping, and/or inventory management process eliminates costly footsteps and creates rapid and significant changes in volumes, accuracy and efficiency.

Understand the “where, why & how” mobile power can help you obtain measurable productivity gains and significant cost savings without months of planning and implementation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how mobile power technology can significantly increase speed and throughput while reducing labor costs in receiving, picking, shipping, and inventory management processes 
  • See real-case examples (with compelling quantitative data) where mobile power has been effectively implemented in the warehouse

In the warehouse and distribution industries everyone is trying to become more mobile, more flexible. They're trying to have a facility that is set up one way but can also be deployed in an another direction fairly quickly. The point is, a lot of the equipment businesses have is limited by it's flexibility. Most equipment is limited by a cord, only allowing workers to move as far a 4 foot cord, a 5 foot cord allows. 

With Mobile Power Newcastle is able to provide workers the battery life to fuel an entire's day of work while letting them break free from the restraining computer cords. Watch the presentation above to learn more. 

Download the slides from the presentation. 


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