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Five Benefits of Using a Mobile Computer Station

efficient employee 303 X 495Improving efficiency and productivity in the workplace is the goal of any good manager or business owner. One often-overlooked area where improvements could be made is that of the equipment used by employees to carry out their roles. One way to remove some of the limitations that inflexible equipment setups place on employees, particularly those who work in warehouses and factories, is to introduce a mobile computer station into the workplace (especially in Receiving!). Here are five benefits of using a mobile computer station that could make a big difference to your organization.


A mobile computer station improves worker productivity by allowing them to carry out more tasks in a given period of time. Unlike a fixed computer station, which requires employees to walk back to their desk in between stock-taking or labeling tasks, a mobile computer station can be wheeled around the shop or factory floor so that it is always in the most convenient location. In this way, a mobile computer station increases productivity by making it easier for employees to carry out their assigned tasks.


Employees can quickly become demoralized if they realize that they are working in an inefficient environment. No-one likes having to perform the same pointless tasks over and over again. A mobile computer station reduces the time that employees spend walking between the computer and other locations on the shop or factory floor. This means that they are less likely to become tired and bored. A workforce that has strong morale will perform much better than one that is demotivated and fed up.

No More Extension Cords

Extension cords are ugly, inconvenient, and can present a tripping hazards. A tangle of extension cords gives an unprofessional impression of a business environment. These concerns are particularly important for public spaces such as large retail stores, where the customer could be turned off or even put at risk by extension cords trailing across the floor. A mobile computer station solves this problem by using a rechargeable power pack to remove the need for a connection to the mains. Components such as the monitor and keyboard are built into the mobile computer station, so there are no wires needed to connect them together.

Saving Steps

Forcing employees to take hundreds or even thousands of steps every day as they walk back and forth between their computer station to other locations on the shop or factory floor does not make sense from a productivity standpoint. By reducing the number of steps that employees have to take every day, a mobile computer station can reduce worker fatigue and increase productivity for the business. Rather than having an occupied employee break from their task and walk to a fixed computer to record data, let the mobile computer station follow the employee wherever they need to go.


When employees work efficiently, they are able to offer the maximum possible benefit to the business through their labor. Using a mobile computer station should feature in your list of ways to make your organization more efficient, as walking back and forth to fixed stations is a major waste of time and energy.

Benefits of A Mobile Computer Station

The benefits that a mobile computer station can bring to a warehouse, factory, or retail setting are significant, but sadly are often overlooked by managers and business owners. Next time you consider redesigning your workplace or purchasing new computing equipment, consider adding a mobile computer station to help employees carry out tasks more efficiently. The result of adding a mobile computer station could be a big increase in productivity for your business.

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