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How to save time and labor in a Warehouse


Mobile Powered Solutions reduce footsteps and errors in typical warehouse and factory floor applications that use PC’s, laptops, printers, scales, etc.

Your operation may look something like this as people
walk from Point A to Point B

eliminate unnecessary walking with mobile powered workstation from newcastle systems

As you can see, this is unproductive and wasteful considering how new technology can eliminate those wasted steps. A lean consultant will point out alternatives, one being a mobile workstation with portable power.

Our mobile label printing station with portable power in action: 



Key Benefits of Mobile Powered Workstations: 

  • Eliminate costly footsteps
  • Print on-demand and reduce costly mislabeling errors
  • Gain continuous full screen access to real-time information ANYWHERE in your facility

Proven Applications Include:

  • Incoming inspection & labeling
  • Inventory control/cycle counting
  • Order fulfillment & picking
  • Outbound labeling
  • Cross docking

Which area of the warehouse are you most concerned about in regards to improving productivity? We offer a solution for any area. Check out our new Process Driven Warehouse Map to find your solution:

Process Driven Warehouse Module

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