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industiral mobile computer cartsDuring the industrial revolution early in the last century manufacturers realized the need to maximize productivity as it relates to man hours. In order to achieve maximum output factory managers concentrated on eliminating the number of steps required to complete each task in the manufacturing process. This methodology has become extremely important, and in today's competitive commercial environment, technology such as the industrial mobile computer cart increases the production efficiency of manufacturing, logistics and fulfillment centers.

Eliminating Steps Saves Time and Money

You are probably familiar with a book written in the 1930's that told the story of an efficiency expert and his family of twelve children. This expert, when visiting a factory, would study the factory workers to determine how many steps, or motions as they were called in the book, were required to complete the assigned tasks. He would then find ways to remove unnecessary or repetitive steps to shorten the amount of time needed to complete the task. The goal of this study was to increase the output capability of each worker without increasing the amount of energy input from the worker. Increasing production in this way lessened the amount of manufacturing time, lowered manufacturing expenses, and increased employee morale. This expert would be very excited if he were able to see how a new industrial mobile computer cart could have made his job easier as well.

Real Quantifiable Results

In any manufacturing process, there are steps which must be completed, however, some of these steps can be eliminated or combined to save time. This is where the value of an industrial mobile computer cart begins to outweigh it's cost. The industrial mobile computer cart allows a worker to have the tools at hand to complete the assigned task, and take these tools with him as his daily activity may dictate, saving steps. The corresponding increases in the capabilities of each worker translate into either equal production in less time or more production in the same amount of time. Both outcomes will reflect positively on your bottom line.

Define Steps

The term steps as it is being used here refers to both steps in a process and the literal steps taken by workers who need to move between several work areas to complete a single task. An industrial mobile computer cart seeks to eliminate the literal steps taken by workers in order to lessen the steps necessary to complete a task. Though this may sound confusing, it's actually a straightforward concept with a very real effect on both profit and efficiency. Eliminating steps has the following intangible benefits as well:

  • Lowers worker fatigue

  • Lowers risk of injury

  • Removes process bottlenecks

  • Improves employee morale

The items mentioned on the list above serve to increase production, further enhancing the benefits your business receives through the integration of an industrial mobile computer cart in terms of time and cost savings.

Eliminating steps, whether they be the steps in the process or steps workers take across your factory floor to complete a task, serve to increase the overall efficiency of your manufacturing or fulfillment facility which in turn increases production. An industrial mobile computer cart places all of the tools necessary to complete a task at your workers fingertips. A rugged industrial mobile computer cart solution carries its own rechargeable power source in order to support a number of peripheral devices thus eliminating the need for repetitive travel from one work area to another. The increased work flow and employee morale facilitated by adding an industrial mobile computer cart to your factory floor will provide real world benefits for your business.

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